What happened on the latest episode of Shortland Street (5755)

Shortland Street LogoWelcome to tonight’s recap/discussion thread for Shortland Street, Pania, Victoria and Jimmy are doing themselves no favours.


Pania has written an letter under Mo’s name and sent it into “The Northerner”, Ferndale’s daily paper. The letter is complaining about how a Shortland Street surgeon – Chris – went on holiday instead of performing surgery on a girl with cancer – Pixie. What the letter doesn’t mention is that Pixie would have been able to have her operation had she not freaked out about the procedure and run off. Harper finds out about the letter and goes to see Mo, who pretends that he was the writer and promises to set things straight. Later on, Mo tells Caleb about Pania’s deceit and Caleb realises just how manipulative his wife is being. He goes to Harper to clear Mo’s name.

Meanwhile what with her father being busy with work and fighting identity theft, Pixie is feeling lonely as she waits for her rescheduled surgery. Luckily Victoria seems to have forgotten about her warning to stay away from the Hannah family because she and Pixie start chatting about soccer and Pixie’s favourite team – The Phoenix. Later on, Victoria completely obliterates any patient-doctor boundaries by sending Pixie a gift – a Phoenix jersey. Unfortuntely, this time Boyd is not around to give her a telling off as he is away pushing technoogical boundaries in Melbourne, learning how to work 3D printers.

Well the news is out and for anyone who was fooled by the artful object placement and loose-fitting clothing, Bella is pregnant. Dayna is the first to find out that not only has she just gained a father, she is also getting a sibling/foster niece or nephew. This is going to be one of Shrtland Street’s more scrambled family trees. Bella gives Jimmy the news and his first idea is termination. Bella is appalled and kicks him out but after a chat with Dayna Jimmy shows up at her scan. He knocks things over for a bit and then sees the ultrasound of the baby and hears the heartbeat. After a quick lunch with Bells and Dayna Jimmy rushes home and packs his bag. Dayna comes in and realises what he’s doing but angrily tells him to leave. Kane founds out about Jimmy gapping it and for some reason decides to blame Dayna, for thinking that Jimmy was (is) a deadbeat dad.


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