Did Labour's attack on Asian buyers work?

3 News3News Political Editor Patrick Gower says the poll will clearly show whether Labour’s move worked.

“Labour is hoping for a pivotal moment like Orewa was for Don Brash. This poll result is clear on whether Labour’s tactics have paid off.”

The poll also asked voters whether they supported a ban on non-resident or non-citizen foreign buyers.

“The question about a ban on foreign buyers is also important because it shows what people’s real feelings on the issue are.”

The poll, of 1000 people, was taken from July 14-22.

Full details on the 3News-Reid Research poll will be released tonight on 3News at 6 and online

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  • David Finch

    Lazy and irresponsible headlining Throng. It wasn’t an “attack on Asian buyers”. No rational and unbiased analysis would call it that.

    • toby_toby

      Of course it was an attack on asian buyers. Labour singled out asian buyers as being the major cause of the so-called housing crisis. You’re deluded if you think otherwise. Maybe you’re blind to the flood of asian kiwis in the news recently who feel they have been attacked?