Sky amends their social media policy (Updated)

Sky begs customers to stay with themAfter the recent subscriber loyalty issues that Sky has been quizzed over on their Facebook page, Sky has decided to disable public postings.

While many companies have embraced social media and engage with their customers online to provide an additional level of service, those who have no need to compete due to their monopoly status only need to appear to be playing the game.

The problem for Sky is that the biggest complainers tend to be those who care the most and would be the best brand advocates. Cutting these people out and disabling them from posting only shows that Sky doesn’t care what their customers think and more importantly, isn’t interested in having public dialogue that results in better service.


It appears as though the ability to post has now returned along with previous posts that were not appearing.

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  • Jay

    It’s a slippery slope they’re on doing it this way.