Sky celebrates turning 25 for the third time

Last week the increasingly disgruntled Sky subscribers were complaining about the incentives offered to new subscribers while brand loyalty was being ignored.

This week, after Sky’s marketing department ran out of ideas, they created an arbitrary birthday celebration with 25 prizes up for grabs for existing subscribers with extra entries based on the length of time subscribers have had a decoder.

However, the “birthday celebration” is about as meaningful as a Briscoes sale. If the birthday is based on when Sky began broadcasting then the 25th anniversary was six months ago. The company, itself, was founded 28 years ago.

While the list of prizes includes some reasonably cool experiences, the problem still remains that of the approximately 850,000 subscribers, only 25 are going to be rewarded while the rest miss out, again.

As I pointed out previously, existing subscribers aren’t even given the luxury of a grandfathering deal which allows them to remain on their current subscription rates for being a loyal customer.

Instead of giving a little love to everyone, Sky have opted for flashy fanfare for a few and that’s not how you build or maintain loyalty, especially in this market…

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  • Brian Holland

    meanwhile weren’t there some Emmy nominations overnight?

  • benpaul12

    This is ludicrous.

    No established, traditional mainstream business gives anything away for free unless they’re trying to get you on a new contract or incentivising you to join. Only when you threaten to leave they try and save you with freebies. Try leave your insurance provider or Vodafone/Spark, they don’t give a rats ass anymore because people move around like they buy lunch.

    I pay monthly bills to about 7 different companies, all of them gave me free trials and incentives to join, but they never give me anything for free unless I kick up a stink about bad service. It’s bad business practice to give things away because customers become used to it and then start requesting it. It’s also dumb business practice to charge less or give things away when there isn’t any reason to.

    People will leave Sky when they no longer need it, not if they don’t get Soho for 6 months.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      As I’ve already mentioned, Netflix, as one example, provided a grandfathering deal to existing customers when the price went up. When has Sky ever shown their loyal subscribers such respect?

      • benpaul12

        Netflix did this as active PR after the massive backlash they got when they had the mess with DVDs and streaming. Eventually all these customers get moved to the new pricing anyway.

        Sky’s $1.15 and $1.61 price increases weren’t exactly shocking enough to even bother grandfathering customers.

        Hmm, loyal subscribers respect? My parents have been subscribers to Sky since 2003. Last month their dish stopped working. Sky was called in the morning and a new dish was put up later that day. That’s respect to loyal customers. Try getting that sort of respect from Spark or Vodafone.

        • Charlie

          Whereas I, who have also been with Sky since 2003 and am also a parent, I had to buy extra equipment for my new TV (which is nothing flash) as Sky would not even consider supplying me with an up-to-date Sky Box UNLESS I added “My Sky” to my plan. They just said “tough”, even though my sky box is one of the very original ones and doesn’t work directly with any TV on the market now and hasn’t for years. No such problem with Telecom at all (and I’ve been with them since they were NZ Post, just to give you some perspective).

  • Laughing

    This borderline obsession is laughable