Story start date announced

Story, TV3’s brand new 7pm current affairs show, will commence on Monday August 10.

Story will be a smart, fun and thought-provoking show that will lead the way in daily current affairs. Telling the stories that are important to New Zealanders, Story‘s focus will be unashamedly local, but wherever the story comes from, if Kiwis need to know about it – Story will have it.

With Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis-Allan leading the charge, Story will be compelling, intelligent, adventurous and entertaining. The show will be fast-moving, without ever being frantic, and it will cover the big story of the day, run its own investigations, deliver stories that are immediately useful to our viewers and also bring them the inside word on the entertainment news they love.

Following a six-week long review of TV3’s poor-rating current affairs predecessor Campbell Live, it was announced in May that MediaWorks would be replacing Campbell Live with a new current affairs show, to air four nights a week. At that time, it was expected the show to launch in six to eight weeks.

Last month, the show was named as Story and it was announced it would be presented by Garner and du Plessis-Allan. Story will be launching eleven-and-a-half weeks from its announcement, nearly four weeks than expected.

Story, 7pm Mondays to Thursdays from August 10, on TV3 and simulcast on RadioLIVE.

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  • bobscoffee

    Why dont’t they just simulcast the whole channel? Are they trying to cut costs at Radio Live?

    • Simon Green

      I can’t see this working at all well on Radio Live. Paul Henry works well, but that’s more news and interviews rather than 6-8 minute long stories. Radio Live risk losing the oldies to Newstalk ZB.

    • H.lua

      i think they are just trying to get better viewership overall and simulcasting achieves that in the short run atleast

  • H.lua

    The music sounds so depressing

  • Danny TV

    Awful voice over. That’s the weirdest pronunciation of the word ‘every’ I’ve ever heard. Oh and that old ‘fat shame’ chestnut; no surprise they didn’t use a burger or bottle of coke.

    • toby_toby

      Sounds to me like a pretty standard Kiwi way of pronouncing the word ‘every’

  • 4by3

    The name ‘Story’ is such a terrible error of judgement by some marketing sub-genius.
    It’s just far too generic – making it painfully difficult to search online/on social media.

    • H.lua

      They should have used one of the names from one of the Australian channels, like calling it the project, or a current affair, or even call it the today show, just something a bit more catching. And yes I know the today show is a breakfast programme but that’s in Australia not here. The name as it is along with the ad I just keep thinking of 3rd degree or 3d, what’s the difference of story when comparing them