Subscribers disgruntled over zero rewards for loyalty

There’s a post on Sky’s Facebook page that has been gathering momentum since being posted on the 8th.

Graeme Fisher’s wrote:

To whom it may concern, why is it that you regularly promote ‘new membership’ deals but you seem to always forget those loyal customers that have been subscribers to sky for many years. It would be nice to be rewarded for being a loyal customer every now and then by getting sky sport or movies for free for 2 months of the year like you are promoting at the moment. Even a free multi room or a discounted bill for paying on time would go a long way. We pay well over $100 a month and the closest thing we get to anything free is a sky magazine. Does anyone in your marketing team even think about the thousand of loyal customers that you have? I look forward to hearing from you.

The comments have been flooding in thick and fast from disgruntled customers with similar experiences.

Having been a customer with Netflix since 2009, when they announced an increase in their prices they contacted their existing customers and offered what is commonly known as grandfathering. Those of us that had been with Netflix for a while were rewarded with being kept on the existing subscription rate while new customers would be paying more.

While Sky regularly increases their subscription fees and offers endless incentives for new subscribers, free sport, free movies, free Soho etc, Sky seems to care very little for their existing customers.

Ironically, Sky has argued that incentivising new subscribers helps existing subscribers because the more there are, the more cost effective it is.

The bulk of SKY’s revenue is generated by monthly subscriptions. By offering incentives we are attracting more subscribers, which in turn benefits our established customers, as it is only due to the growth in subscriber base that we can afford to add fantastic new channels…

Despite this reasoning, while the number of subscribers has increased over the years, so have the regular subscription rates and the number of them.

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  • Anotherone

    If that line of bullshit were true then the ARPU wouldn’t be consistently increasing would it

  • Jay

    As disappointing as it is, they have no reason to give free stuff to existing cash cows. They’d only do so if existing customers started cancelling in droves – then it would make financial sense. If you want to test the theory, call up to cancel – see what they offer you not to…

    • kaybee

      We did call them after Vodafone offered us a deal that would save us $30 per month PLUS phone and unlimited internet and Sky wouldn’t even give us a discount to stay. And we had been with them since the day they came to Wellington.

  • benpaul12

    Sky is like a gym membership, there are loyal subscribers but there are plenty of people who join just to take advantage of the latest deal or the season – like All Blacks games etc.

    The loyal subscribers are consistent, but they’re the worst customers. Like the gym member who goes 5 times per week as opposed to the person who joins for a year and goes 10 times.