John Campbell joins Radio New Zealand

John Campbell is joining Radio New Zealand (RNZ) as a drive-time news and current affairs presenter, fronting a proposed new multi-media programme.

Announcing the appointment this afternoon Radio New Zealand chief executive, Paul Thompson, noted that John Campbell was returning to the organisation that launched his career.

“We are pleased John is joining us, he started his reporting and broadcasting career with RNZ and was a successful Saturday Morning host for two years. He is an outstanding broadcaster, with an affinity with our audiences and the world-class journalism we produce.”

“He will also bring new audiences to RNZ and help us achieve our charter goal of providing high-quality, engaging journalism and current affairs to a wider range of New Zealanders.”

John Campbell said he was thrilled to be returning to his roots.

“Radio New Zealand’s commitment to professional journalism that questions, illuminates, celebrates and holds to account, is an immensely valuable resource in the life of this country.”

“My job is to hold to those core values, to continue that commitment to the highest quality journalism, but also to expand our reach beyond the confines of radio and into a world I could only have dreamed of when I began as a journalist, at Radio New Zealand, in 1989.”

John Campbell joins Radio New Zealand in September and will be involved in developing and presenting a new drive time programme proposed for RNZ National. It will enhance Radio New Zealand’s multimedia strategy with streamed video and a podcast.

The opening for Campbell arose from Jim Mora’s wish to focus his attention on presenting The Panel on weekday afternoons while his Checkpoint co-host, Mary Wilson, has been promoted to a senior management role within the RNZ News team.

Jim Mora is pleased he will be able to concentrate on The Panel, which has proven its popularity year after year in listeners’ affections.

“It gives me the chance to renew the brand, as it were, and the time to develop more components for it.”

He is looking forward to working with both Jesse Mulligan and John Campbell while continuing to focus on The Panel.

“I’ve been talking about it with Paul Thompson for a while, even before John came into the mix. We have new kinds of interactive ideas, listener-driven, that we want to develop. This gives me the time to do that. The Panel has built up the largest talk audience in New Zealand between 4 and 5 in the afternoon and we’re proud of that.”

The proposed new drive time programme will be broadcast from Auckland and will build on Checkpoint’s legacy of excellence and the high quality journalism that has served New Zealand so well for 30 years.

The programme will continue to be news-focused and will make full use of John Campbell’s journalism and interviewing skills in a multi-media environment.

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  • Jay

    TV3’s loss is RNZ’s gain!

  • H.Lua

    I have seen that Rachel Smalley wrote and artilcle to do with Johns new gig was and interesting read yet riled me very much as i enjoy Campbell. I dont like the fact that she has used his new gig as a platform for her own personal qualms about sexism, it makes it look like its John Campbells fault in my opinion.

    • K

      I kind of see her point but could have also been looked at as 7pm current affairs used to be fronted by only “white male broadcasters”… Holmes, Sainsbury, Campbell..we now have female broadcasters in primetime

      • Jay

        I think she’s just jealous (or has sour grapes, as it’s been said) that he has a better job than her. How many people listen to her show anyway? 4? I don’t know anyone that does (and I know a few ZB listeners).