Shannon Ryan not returning to The Block NZ


The Block NZ host Shannon Ryan has announced she will not feature on the reality renovation show when it returns to our screens next month.

The former music TV presenter has co-hosted the New Zealand series alongside Mark Richardson since it launched in 2012.

In a Facebook post, Ryan said she had been fielding questions about her return, before announcing she will not be back.

“Due to scheduling conflicts I won’t be returning to the show however this decision has offered up some great opportunities to move on with. I’ve met some wonderful people during my three seasons on the show and while it is bittersweet to no longer be a part of the muddy madness, I am very much excited for what’s in store for me next. #onwards”

Regarding my time on The Block, I have fielded a few questions recently online and in person. Due to scheduling…

Posted by Shannon Ryan on Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ryan recently married her American partner Justin Greenwood in an intimate Californian ceremony.

The pair met on Auckland’s Piha Beach, while Greenwood was travelling around New Zealand, and now split their time between their two home countries.

MediaWorks has yet to confirm Ryan’s departure or whether she will be replaced by a new co-host.

The Block NZ will return for a fourth season this year, with filming underway in the Auckland suburb of Sandringham.

Source: The New Zealand Herald

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  • Jay

    I’ve never watched more than 5 minutes of this show. Is she actually a good host?

    • I’ve seen her host other things. She’s fine.

    • Tania

      She’s great. Very polished.

  • H.lua

    curious to know if they even bother replacing her.. they should bring ericka tockart or however you spell her name back to screens, regardless of where she came from she more than proved herself as a capable television presenter so time to bring her back have some fresh faces before megan gets the job

    • Tania

      Do you mean Megan from The Edge? I hope not – as lovely as she seems, she can’t even string a sentence together (when she’s reading the news) without tripping over her words! I wouldn’t like to see Sharon from The Edge do this role either … or Joe Cotton, who they’ve brought in to help with painting the exterior in the past.
      It’d probably beneath her, but I’d like to see Laura McGoldrick co-host … it seems like she has a lovely personality and she’s great to listen to on the golf show. It’s not likely to happen though – her radio station isn’t part of Mediaworks’ stable of companies.

  • andrew

    there was no reason for here to be there anyway. mark could have done the whole thing on his own.

  • Tania

    Good on her! I read elsewhere that she had the acting bug so was taking classes. She’ll get snapped up, no doubt – she’s a lovely looking lady and an excellent presenter. I see she’s fronting the Ford car adverts at the moment – that would no doubt be a more enjoyable and lucrative gig than co-hosting The Block anyway.

  • bobscoffee

    Is she the same person who posts on Throng?

    • Unlikely. If she was to post on Throng the kind of things that “Shannon Ryan” (throng version) posts I think she’d use a pseudonym.

      • Jay

        I’ve always wondered that too and asked the exact same question several times, ye the Shannon Ryan on here never answers.