Duncan Garner convinces violent offender to return to Police custody

duncan_garner_1200This just came through from MediaWorks:

Story host Duncan Garner has persuaded violent offender Casey Cowan to turn himself in to police.

Cowan, who disappeared after cutting off his electronically monitored anklet on Thursday 3 September, met with Garner today to discuss his disappearance and the case.

Cowan was serving a six-month home detention sentence for violent offences, but told Garner that worries about his family and alleged broken promises by Child, Youth and Family prompted him to remove his monitoring bracelet.

During the exclusive interview, Garner convinced Cowan to turn himself in to police and accompanied him to the Auckland Central Police Station.

See the full interview with Cowan on Story, tonight at 7pm on TV3.

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  • bobscoffee

    Typical. They just have to become the story don’t they?

    • Shannon Ryan

      Sooo you’d rather he didn’t turn himself in?

  • Dolce Lamont

    I think Duncan Garner is a great host and Kudos to him for this.