Is this why you shouldn't pay for that which is free?

Sky begs customers to stay with themLast night there were a large number of incensed TV viewers who took to social media to complain that the free-to-air channels they were watching had become unavailable on the so-called premium pay TV service they were using.

Just before the end of TV3’s all important season premiere of The Block NZ, the free-to-air channels One, 2 and TV3 went dark on Sky. (See last night’s ratings)

Irony went into overdrive with customers complaining about paying for channels that are free to watch on the Freeview platform, which was unaffected by Sky’s latest technical glitch.

TVNZ told us it was a SKY HD technical issue that impacted the transmission of TV ONE and TV2 on that platform and that Freeview and SKY SD viewers were unaffected. TVNZ also said they would be making good with any advertisers impacted by the outage.

SKY have advised TVNZ they are investigating causes and putting measures in place.

What has become common place at Sky, another apology has been issued for yet another technical issue.

We’re aware that some customers experienced issues viewing TV ONE, TV2, TV3 and SKY Movies Greats earlier tonight. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Our broadcast and technical teams have fixed the problem and are monitoring our systems closely.

At the time of publication, Sky had not returned requests for further comment.

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  • Mark Wasley

    If you haven’t got Freeview hooked up… you can’t get the free-to-air channels without SKY.