Mediaworks moves 3D, announces new sports programming

3 NewsMediaWorks today announces the launch of two new sports offerings: Super Sport Sunday and 7 Days of Sport.

Super Sport Sunday will be part of 3News at 6 and will provide extra sports coverage. It premieres on Sunday 20 September.

There will be a mix of regular and guest panellists who will dissect the weekend’s sport news, with a particular focus at launch on the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

3D, which currently screens at 6.30pm on Sundays, will have a two-week hiatus before returning on Mondays at 9.30pm.

The second addition, 7 Days of Sport, takes TV3’s long-running and highly successful 7 Days and makes it sporty. It launches on Tuesday 29 September at 9.30pm.

Hosted by a different prominent Kiwi sportsperson each week, the two teams will be captained by a roster of our sportiest comedians including rugby league and general sporting enthusiast, Dai Henwood; South African rugby and cricket fan Urzila Carlson; and local rugby and cricket man Ben Hurley.

“It’s going to be a great rugby campaign in the coming weeks so getting the 7 Days team involved in a series of sports specials makes perfect sense. In addition to this, Super Sports Sunday in 3News will make sure TV3 viewers get a full round up of that week’s action along with the rest of the weekend’s sport,” says Group Entertainment Content Director Andrew Szusterman.

— Mediaworks

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  • Dave Ian Batten

    Why can’t they add another half hour on 7 Days, and have a sports section? That would makes more sense than having a whole other TV show. Seems like a waste of time to have a separate show just for sports in my opinion.

    • Shannon Ryan

      I think an hour of 7 Days really kills momentum of the show, so a half-hour segment works better and it won’t bring down the existing show for those who don’t like sport. I feel the same way about Jono and Ben – the half-hour format had no filler so I think it should screen at 7pm Fridays and Saturdays.

  • K

    took them long enough to move 3D

    • Mark

      Had enough of current affairs. Time for gameshows to make a proper primetime comeback in New Zealand.

      • Jay

        TV3 tried to bring back The Price Is Right in the 1990’s (a “proper” primetime game show) but that didn’t work.

  • Guest

    Urzilla Carlson is a horrible presenter. On that Road Wars – or whatever it’s called – show she comes across like a stiff robot. Terrible choice. TV3 have really lost their way with Mark Weldon and Julie Christie making decisions.