Mediaworks weekly highlights report

MediaworksThis media release has just arrived from Mediaworks:

3 News ratings have seen steady growth across the week in the 18-39 demographic; with Thursday’s ratings double that of Monday.

Thursday also saw MediaWorks’ new 7pm current affairs show Story out rate its TVNZ competitor in the 18 -39 demographic.

Newsworthy also rated higher than is its TVNZ competitor in the 25-54 demographic, with a 10.4 share.

MasterChef New Zealand longform video streams have increased by +60% in comparison to last week.

The Nation 25-54 audience has enjoyed +23% year on year growth for the Saturday show and +12% for the Sunday repeat.

TV3’s family movie Epic won its time slot in the both the 18-39 and HHS with kids demos.

Happy Gilmore, the Saturday night movie, also won its time slot for HHS with Kids.

The web series prequel to Heroes Reborn and 3NOW on Demand exclusive, Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters, has already cracked the Top 5 VOD Programme since it launched two weeks ago.
The 7Days of Sports promo has reached over 340,000 people on Facebook alone since it went live.

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  • benpaul12

    Bring back that show Spin Doctors…

    • Lori

      I’m sure it’s 100% true, just not 100% relevant. Can’t blame them for looking for a good angle though.

  • John McCready

    Looks like desparation is setting in and they are looking for good news somewhere; anywhere!

  • Graeme Muir

    Hmm this is a bit like putting out a release that we’re
    nailing it in Household Shoppers with One Dog and Three Kids over 65. I’m
    pretty sure last time I checked 18-39 was TV2’s
    commercial demo, not TV3’s. But let’s entertain them for a minute about ‘double
    the audience’, with the rider that overnights never tell you very much. (If
    they did, how can they explain away their Friday audience, which was a third down on their winning Thursday? You can see how meaningless the exercise is). Let’s look at the average for the working week, which gives a far more accurate picture: ONE News ended the 5 days in a demo that is relevant to neither channel with a 31 share in 18-39; 3 News got 8.8. In the real world demo of 25-54 for both channels ONE News had a 39.8 average share to 3 News’ 18.1. If you’re seeing a pattern here it’s that ONE News is double 3 News’ audience.
    It’s a similar story for Story. It averaged a 9.6 in 18-39 (for the four nights they were actually on) while Seven Sharp averaged 16.6 for the working week. In 25-54 (the target demo for both channels) SS got 22.5 compared to 7.8 for Story. Definitely more than double.
    And did Newsworthy really beat Tonight? On one night by 0.9 of a share point. The truth for the rest of the week’s a little more prosaic: Tonight averaged a 19.3 for the week; Newsworthy an 8.8 (that’s more than double too..). Graeme Muir, Editor Content, TVNZ

    • Harrison

      Very interesting, thanks for sharing

    • Mary Smith

      Hallelujah Graeme. Since when was 18-39 TV3’s target demo? Is Story doing better than Campbell Live in 25-54? Has Garner saved 7pm? Would love to hear more of a breakdown than these press releases from Jules and Mark.

  • Jay

    Who at TV3 wrote this? Did Mark Weldon personally put this together? Just curious.

  • Shannon Ryan

    They’re actually damaging their relationship with advertisers by manipulating the figures in their favour, which are not at all accurate. Mediaworks can’t seem to stop making mistakes.