Meet the teams on The Block NZ: Villa Wars

TV3 have announced the teams that will be competing on The Block NZ: Villa Wars, the fourth locally-produced season of the international hit renovation-reality series.

The four new teams this year will be charged with restoring four villas to their former glory, in the Auckland central suburb of Sandringham. The show is scheduled to commence on TV3 next month.

Mark Richardson will be back for his fourth season as host, and Shelley Ferguson returns to the show in the role of challenge host, after being a judge in 2014.

Room-by-room, week-by-week, the four teams will battle it out as they each renovate an entire villa to sell at auction. Each team will vye to receive the most profit above the reserve price in order to win an additional $100,000 cash prize – an increase from the $80,000 up for grabs in previous seasons.

Through weekly challenges hosted by Ferguson, and room reveals judged by new judges Bernadette Morrison and Jason Bonham, the teams will face off to win valuable rewards and boost their budget, which may ultimately give them an advantage over their fellow competitors.

Each villa has its own unique selling point.

The villas will present many challenges for the teams, as they figure out how to respect the heritage of the homes, as well as ensuring they are appealing to a contemporary urban market.

Let’s introduce the teams!

BrookeThompsonMitchDaviesTheBlockNZSeason4Purple Team: Brooke Thompson and Mitch Davies
Brooke (25) and Mitch (26) currently live together in Christchurch… with Mitch’s parents. Having just returned from their OE in the UK, they moved back home to save for a first home deposit. Winning The Block NZ could be just the ticket to enable them to have a space to call their own.

Brooke and Mitch met when she was playing competitive netball for Canterbury with his older sister 8 years ago. While they are not yet engaged, they are hoping to get on to the property ladder before taking the next step and starting a family.

Brooke is a personal banker and self-confessed shop-a-holic. She admits that Mitch is both the practical and creative one in their relationship; however she is the organiser and money manager. When she is not working or shopping Brooke loves eating out, going for a run with Mitch, or taking their Labrador ‘Chopper’ for walks on the beach.

Mitch is a plumber and a good old-fashioned Kiwi bloke who loves a laugh and getting his hands dirty. Mitch says that if anyone can lighten the mood and put a smile on your face, it’s Brooke. As a gesture of his love for her he made her a map of New Zealand for her wall… out of a toilet cistern. Describing himself as practical and innovative, Mitch has worked on his fair share of bathroom renovations and knows what looks good and what doesn’t.

Renovation Experience:
Being a plumber, Mitch has been on his fair share of construction sites. He has seen the best and worst of new and renovated bathroom builds, and is ready to put his experience to good use.

Brooke has had much less renovating experience, however she can’t wait to learn some new DIY tips and get hold of the power tools!

Design Style:
Their style is clean, minimalist and contemporary. Mitch loves a combination of black and concrete; while Brooke doesn’t like quite as much concrete. They want their house on The Block NZ to stand out from the rest – and not just in the bathroom.

CatGlassJeremyHillTheBlockNZSeason4Yellow Team: Cat Glass and Jeremy Hill
Taranaki team Cat (27) and Jeremy (28) met on the dance floor of a nightclub while they were both studying in New Plymouth. Cat couldn’t resist a cheeky pick up line and a big grin from Jeremy… and after four years together Cat thinks Jeremy likes her enough to propose one day.

They lead an active and busy lifestyle, both playing a lot of sport. Due to their commitments they struggle to see each other as much as they’d like, so simply having a coffee and sitting down together can be a rare treat.

Cat is a pre-school teacher, and according to Jeremy the children gravitate to her because of her gentle side. Outside of work, Cat is a headstrong and ambitious individual with a bubbly personality. Feeling their life was becoming too routine, Cat decided to apply for The Block NZ to give them a new challenge.

Triplet Jeremy is the art director in his own creative agency, Front Room. His background is in industrial design and he specialises in making spaces functional and efficient. He’s the type of guy everyone is friends with – so much so that Cat says simply visiting the supermarket becomes an ordeal as he has to stop and chat to half of the people there!

Renovation Experience:
Aside from his experience in industrial design, Jeremy was born for DIY and has renovated the house they are currently living in.

Cat thinks her abnormally long arms may also be useful when painting.

Design Style:
Cat and Jeremy believe they will be great on The Block NZ because of their creativity, ability to think outside the box and push the boundaries with their design. They will not be creating a standard house.

JamieJohnsHaydenCampbellTheBlockNZSeason4Orange Team: Jamie Johns and Hayden Campbell
Engaged couple Jamie (23) and Hayden (29) felt an instant attraction when they met in a bar four years ago. Despite a series of first date disasters, including a towed car and broken leg, they have never raised their voices at one another and enjoy constant fun banter.

Currently residing in a tiny unit on the North Shore of Auckland, Jamie and Hayden are desperate to get out of the savings trap and get a bigger place so they can start a family. Winning The Block NZ would set them up for their future.

Sales Representative Jamie is very sporty and plays netball for North Harbour. She is extremely competitive – to the point of playing a card game with Hayden 30 times just so she could convincingly beat him. Her indecisive nature may hinder her on The Block NZ, however, her love of adrenaline activities could come in very handy during the challenges.

Hayden of Cook Island decent is an ex-police officer who is now studying law full time. He is a great communicator, boasting that he is the guy that can convince people to do almost anything. Intent on strategic play, Hayden thinks one of his strengths on The Block NZ will be biding his time and snatching the advantage when no one expects it.

Renovation Experience:
Hayden has done work on a house he previously owned and has experience gibbing, plastering and painting. He is the practical one in their relationship and also the strategic planner.

Although having no renovation experience, Jamie loves being hands on and is very much looking forward to helping out on the tools

Design Style:
According to Jamie, she pitches “crazy and wacky” ideas and Hayden breaks them down into more logical and workable ones. Their style is simple but sophisticated contemporary.

SarahKongMinanneKongTheBlockNZSeason4Blue Team: Sarah and Minanne Kong
Sisters Sarah (24) and Minanne (19) are not to be underestimated. Born in Hamilton and of Chinese descent, these two grew up in a house that their builder father was constantly renovating.

Despite their tiny size, they are deceptively strong. Plus they’re hardworking and passionate. With quite opposite personalities, they balance each other well – where Sarah is considered quiet, Minanne is not afraid to make a quick decision. They both admit that they aren’t afraid to say what they think when it comes to differences of opinion.

Sarah holds a bachelor degree in Design Innovation and Masters in Industrial Design from Victoria University School of Design. She speaks three languages, and has extensive experience in 3D modelling and digital manufacture.

Younger sister Minanne is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Shopping is one of her favourite pastimes, and she has a passion for making short films. Sarah describes her younger sister as practical, with an eye for design but chaotic – trying to do a million things at once and forgetting to prioritise.

Renovation Experience:
Growing up with a father who was a builder, Sarah and Minanne are no strangers to renovation.

They had a paint brush and roller in their hands from a young age, helping to move along the sometimes painfully slow renovations.

Design Style:
Sarah and Minanne are inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and see all surfaces as a functional canvas for their ideas. They aren’t afraid to add pops of colour to bring a room to life. Key to their design is creating the best living experience possible. To them, a home is more than just walls and a roof over their head, it’s a place where creativity and ideas can flow and be inspiring. It’s about creating something beautiful that can be enjoyed by many.

It all starts this October on TV3.

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