Ratings: First chapter of Story ends badly

After a little more than a month on air and Story has gone from a high of 247,468 in its first week, to 170,758 in its second, rebuilding back to 194,953 before last week falling to a new low of 169,970 – a fall of 13%. Including Friday night’s Lip Sync Battle, TV3’s weekly average audience at 7pm was down to 156,574, only marginally higher than the second week of Story thanks to the faux singing competition drawing a six figure audience.

This puts the week only a touch higher than the two lowest rating weeks of Campbell Live in 2015 that resulted in the program going into review.


By all accounts, Story has failed to deliver the increase in audience that it was supposed to and with daylight savings just around the corner, things are about to get much worse as viewing habits are impacted by the longer days and less time spent in front of the television.

Seven Sharp also fell 6% for the week, down to an average audience of 474,630 viewers per night. Despite the fall, the audience levels are still higher than before Campbell Live was cancelled which would suggest that TVNZ has managed to convert the Campbell Live viewers who made the switch and haven’t returned to to TV3.

Year on year, the fall for TV3 has now ballooned out to 20% on 2014 and 45% on 2013 while TV One was down 2% on last year but up 20% on 2013.

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  • Shannon Ryan

    Over daylight savings time, TV3 and FOUR should get a shot in the arm by putting their schedule back by one hour. It’s a point of difference to TVNZ and the plus 1 channels would be even later when people actually watch television.

    • Jay

      No one is going to watch an hour of news at 7 o’clock on TV3, after they can watch it at 6 on One.

      • Shannon Ryan

        Incorrect – the 6pm bulletins still pull in viewers despite Prime News at 5.30.

        • Jay

          6 o’clock is the “standard time”. I can’t see hundreds of people sitting down to watch the news at 7.
          How come you never answer my other questions (just out of interest)?

          • Jay

            Bit hard to answer?