Ratings: Tonight builds to high and Newsworthy bounces

TV One’s Tonight set a new record high last week against its rival on TV3 since the two programs went head to head with the average audience rising 24% on the previous week to 153,044 viewers per night.

At the same time, it was a dead cat bounce for Newsworthy, up 26% on the previous week’s record low to an average audience of only 42,044 viewers per night.


Year on year, Tonight was up 20% on the same time as 2014 while Newsworthy has manage to lose 64% of the audience that The Paul Henry Show was enjoying last year.

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  • K

    worth noting that David Farrier wasn’t on last week? Sam Hayes & Mon-Wed Kanoa Lloyd, Thurs-Fri Jenny Suo

    • Shannon Ryan

      Absolutely. Farrier certainly won’t be a host next year – will the show even still exist? TV3 might think they have a shot of turning it around a la Seven Sharp, but this would be a mistake. They should get rid of the live chat to speed up the show, and just make them into conventional edited stories for entertainment and culture, which also incorporates a social media wrap-up. They also need fewer ads and more sport, especially during RWC season.

  • EyeSpy

    Anything that drags Weldon down has got to be a good thing,,Isn’t KARMA a great thing 🙂

  • aaronimpact

    I have to admit, I did enjoy the girls hosting Newsworthy. I think David is a better reporter than a host.