Some pertinent questions regarding the 2015 Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup 2015How would you feel if everything you were about to read were true?

How would you feel if Sky hadn’t won the rights to the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

How would you feel if another company had outbid Sky for the rights to the 2015 Rugby World Cup which would have made the entire event available at a fraction of the cost for New Zealanders?

How would you feel if Sky, having been outbid for the 2015 Rugby World Cup rights, went on a lobbying spree with the IRB and NZRU to get the decision overturned?

How would you feel if the decision to grant the rights to another company was then overturned after being muscled in on by Sky?

How would describe this type of behaviour?

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  • benpaul12

    As long as it was on and viewable I would be fine with it, NZRU wouldn’t allow it to NOT be shown.

  • Overhere

    They have. ITV have the free broadcasting rights.

  • Guest

    This obsession with hating Sky is ludicrous

  • Townclock

    That would depend on whether the alternative provided coverage was equal to or greater than sky. If it wasn’t I would expect the NZRU to step in. It would have to widely available, on broadcast TV and have a NZ perspective. Not sure who else could do that? So maybe you should tell us what you’re hinting at?

  • Blair

    Needs to be a law change to make all sports where NZ is playing available free to air and in High Definition. Australia have all their sports available free to air, why can’t we?
    If there was a cheaper alternative to Sky offering the RWC I would consider it.

    • Drew

      We need anti siphoning legislation to bring our major sports back to free to air and regulation of our tv industry.