Thoughts on TV3's latest changes to Sunday night

duncangarnerThere is much to be said about TV3 at the moment but I will limit myself to the latest raft of changes that were announced this afternoon.

Firstly, it was only a few months ago that TV3 shortened their Sunday night news hour to 30 minutes to make way for a revamped and rebranded current affairs program 3D. The pairing of Mediaworks poster boy, Duncan Garner, and co-host Samantha Hayes, didn’t gel when the two were on screen on Wednesdays so it is little wonder that a move to Sunday’s also hasn’t worked.

Mediaworks have gone on to give their Radio Live Drive host four nights a week as the replacement for John Campbell on Story. I’ve already mentioned why Garner was the wrong choice and so far, the ratings have failed to prove me wrong.

While many have already stated that the seemingly endless flood of reality content was not the saviour for TV3, casting Duncan Garner in a super hero role isn’t either.

Furthermore, Samantha Hayes own show, Newsworthy continues to get worse.

Dumping the NZ On Air funded current affairs program to late on Monday is yet another indictment on networks that seek funding for programming only to bury it at times when many viewers are no longer tuned in.

As for a half hour sports program on Sundays, all TV3 have done is turned 3 News into One News with the weather in the middle.

In reality, Mediaworks are dumping prime time journalism and current affairs with a sports recap.

Is this the “game on” event we’ve been waiting for that will rejuvenate TV3’s ratings? I’m not convinced. What about you?

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  • benpaul12

    The sports thing on Sunday nights is a good idea, the dumbest thing about the shortened bulletin was that on the biggest night for sports news, the length was the least.

    I can see this working quite well, the sports news is the only real reason why I tune in to the news (on TV) these days anyway.

  • Guest

    I liked having 3D on at 6:30pm Sundays.
    I believe that Duncan was only removed from 3D as he couldn’t host Story as well as his radio show – he needs to have a break too! That aside, it doesn’t actually need two hosts anyway … none of these shows do, as they become too much about the ‘personalities’.

    • Jay

      He probably only works 6-7 hours a day and you think he needs a break?