TVNZ saying goodbye to Good Morning

tv-one-good-morningTVNZ’s Good Morning show, currently broadcast weekdays from 9am on TV ONE, will finish up at the end of December after 19 years on air.

TVNZ’s Director of Content Jeff Latch says Good Morning has been a long time success but the show is now nearing the end of its lifecycle.

“TVNZ has chosen to focus its local content investment in prime time programming.

Good Morning has been a long standing part of our schedule, we are extremely grateful to our viewers and everyone who has contributed to the show.”

Replacement programming will be announced in due course but it will likely be filled with some form of international lifestyle content.

Host, Jeanette Thomas wrote on Facebook

Sad face 😕 The end of an era – GM would’ve been 20 next year. I started in its very first year as the movie reviewer in 1996, in Wellington, when the wonderful Liz Gun fronted the show and I’ll finish in 2015, as the host, having had four fabulous years in my favourite job. GM’s had the best – Mary Lambie absolutely owned it in its early Auckland days, as did Sarah Bradley and Brendon Pongia when the show moved to Wellington. All of them – immense talent.

Jeez, I’ll miss the people. The incredible folk behind the scenes, who I just love so much and all the brilliant people who’re on air with me every day; chefs, cooks, actors, all our regulars – so many who’ve become great friends.

And Astar, Matai and Melanie Crazy, beautiful people. All have been on the show a lot longer than me – Astar’s been on GM for 18 years. Here’s to you, my friend.

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of wonderful people over the past four years – some well known, others not, but every one of them important to me in those few minutes we had together on the GM couch. Argh! I can’t put in words how much I’m going to bloody miss it.

Thankfully, though, we don’t sign off for a couple of months so I shall be making the most of every show until then. Live tele – nothing beats it.

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  • andrew

    so now we will get more prerecorded bullshit trying to sell shit from america.

  • Dave Ian Batten

    Why? It’s a good show!

  • Shannon Ryan

    Good to see TVNZ trimming the fat. Astar never should have been on TV in the first place.

    • Drew

      What a horrible thing to say about Astar. Kicking her while she’s down.

      • Shannon Ryan

        I’m just trying to make sure that she remains down for the rest of her life.

        • Jay


          IMO, Liz Gunn wasn’t that great.

        • bobscoffee

          Wow such a nasty comment

          • Shannon Ryan

            I prefer to think of it as productive.

    • Dave Ian Batten

      I’m not saying they need to, but I wonder what would happen if the cut Shortland Street. I personally don’t like it, but I know a lot of people do. So in that prospective, I’m guessing there would be an uproar. Unless I’m wrong.

    • Shannon Ryam-Greenwood

      Astar will most likely end up on another tv one show sooner or later she’s quite an interesting character she should be on Saturday evenings on tvone now that’d be cool to c

  • Shannon Ryan-Greenwood

    Good opportunity for tv3 to take over the time slot

    • Drew

      I really hope so but with their current primetime woes, its highly unlikely.

    • benpaul12

      Hardly. TVNZ gets rid of things for a reason. MediaWorks doesn’t learn, so you maybe in luck with this!

      • Shannon Ryan-Greenwood

        Nah not with their own version I simply mean there’s an audience there after 9am so they could place a show there similar

        • K

          Last week they moved Rachael Ray to 9am followed by Story instead of infomercials which they pushed back to 10

  • Drew

    Sad to see Good Morning axed. The show was in need of a major overhaul and airing for an hour was no help. Good Morning was great with Mary Lambie and even better when it was produced live out of Avalon for 3 hours. Who could forget Steve Gray in those exercise segments!lol How can a show which supposedly was making a nice profit for TVNZ end up like this. They could atleast extend Breakfast to 10am or even better launch our own version of The View/Talk.

    • Shannon Ryan-Greenwood

      I like the idea of a kiwi version of the view would be a good idea though I think tv3 in the state that they are in would be the network to take that risk

  • David Finch

    Does this mean that all the music performances and arts interviews which Good Morning provided a forum for will now find a place in prime time? Not a hope.

  • Tania

    Thank goodness! Now I hope they replace it with one of the Aussie Morning shows – because they know how to entertain people.

    Jeanette was the most terrible choice for host – she constantly interrupts her guests (especially the Woman’s Day Editor), and just comes across as boring. I agree with Shannon – Astar should never have been on TV in the first place. The infomercials were way too much (and the sidekick introducing them was dreadful) … ugh; I’m SO pleased to see this GO!!!

  • Henry Scobie

    I was never convinced that Good Morning was great TV, but chopping a locally made show and replacing it with more “international lifestyle” rubbish? Haven’t we got enough of that crap already? I’m not coming back from the internet and its various streaming options any time soon, it seems.

  • Beak Van Der James

    Love it or loathe it, shockingly GM was the only place on Kiwi TV to feature (non-reality/karaoke format) live music performances. Hope someone out there has a music format ready to pitch; much-needed right now!

  • K

    Hope Tvnz have something else lined up for Jeanette…
    Not that I have anything against Miriama but she would have been a good choice for Kiwi Living.