You know things must be bad when...

masterchef-logoYesterday we released some analysis on the ratings performance of Masterchef New Zealand which found that the average audience for the season was a little more than 190,000 viewers per episode. The numbers were significantly lower than any of the five previous seasons on TV One.

Mediaworks are desperate for positive ratings stories at the moment and are now resorting to scraping the bottom of the barrel to find something, anything that paints things in a better light than they are. We saw that on Monday.

Now though, Mediaworks’ director of entertainment and content, Andrew Szusterman, has reverted to the same appalling tactics we’ve previously lambasted TVNZ for.

Szusterman is quoted as saying Mediaworks were “pleased with how the show progressed, with more than 2.2 million Kiwis tuning in over the course of the 10 week season.”

You know things are bad when you have to resort to using cume to suggest how a show rated.

For those who don’t know, the cume (cumulative) audience, or reach, is the combined total number of people who tune into a part of a show at any point, in this case, over an entire season.

But if we’re going to use cume, with the average audience per episode sitting at less than 200,000 viewers, what does that say about the level of engagement with the program?

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  • Karma

    Can the Nielsen ratings system really be guaranteed as accurate? Let’s face it, if Masterchef was on TV One it would have rated higher for no other reason that it was on TV One.

    • benpaul12

      Still a reason for an advertiser to choose which show, what network and what timeslot to advertise in.

  • Trevor Ashman

    I don’t really believe the stupid ratings anyway, no one has ever asked me about what shows I watch, such stupid nonsense 🙁

    • Shannon Ryan

      That’s because you don’t have a peoplemeter,

  • Dave Ian Batten

    It’s just another cooking show.

  • Guest

    It’s always interesting to read what international viewers think of our local productions. The general consensus on one such forum was; (a) the contestants were way too nice to make decent TV; (b) it was very obvious that the budget had been scaled way down (even though the studio was far better); (c) Tim did not deserve to win, especially after he had one of the Judges watch his donuts (not a euphemism); (d) every time the contestants said ‘cooking’ it sounded like ‘cocaine’. Time to put this production to rest, I say.