Heat turned up on Season 2 of My Kitchen Rules New Zealand

It’s food. It’s drama. It’s where home cooks become legends.

My Kitchen Rules New Zealand is back with a fresh batch of home cooks ready to impress the judges, and you. With the competition as sharp as a knife this season it will be dish-against-dish as the teams battle it out to bring MKR glory to their hometown.

Wining and dining audiences in its new home on TV2, join judges and chefs Ben Bayly (Baduzzi, The Grove) and Gareth Stewart (The Nourish Group), as they go back on the hunt to find the next round of New Zealand’s best home cooks.

First up are the instant restaurant rounds, where each team transforms their homes while serving a three-course menu designed to excite, amuse and amaze the judges and their fellow contestants.

Tonight’s season premiere sees Auckland workmates Hannah and Cathy, stepping up to the hotplate to cook first. Prison psychologists by day, these women have a captive audience for tonight’s meal. But can they take no prisoners with their three-course meal?

To add to the excitement, Tonight sees a surprise guest who turns up the heat before the first dish has even been served…

On Tuesday all eyes are on sporty Taranaki mates, Laurence and Paul as they host Instant Restaurant number two in New Plymouth. Both Laurence and Paul have been high-achieving sportsmen but can they translate those skills to the kitchen and be competitive in their group?

My Kitchen Rules New Zealand – this is what legends are made of.

My Kitchen Rules New Zealand, 7:30pm Monday and Tuesday on TV2.

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