Poll: Should Heather du Plessis-Allan be charged over the procurement of a firearm?

Should Heather du Plessis-Allan be charged over her procurement of a firearm?

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  • Challenger

    Should the Gun shop owner prosecuted over the sale. From what I see it was not signed off by police. HDPA exposed not only a weakness in the system but also the caviler attitude of Gun shops when it comes to sale of guns. One cannot expect the criminals to tell the police like HDPA did and a sale like this would have could have gone unnoticed. Gun shops are like any other businesses are motivated by profit. More sales more profit. Are we confident our system is robust to ensure there are illegal sales. Do we know how many guns are imported and how many are sold. Are the books balancing. We don’t even have a gun register. Police are moaning about Guns and want to arm themselves. They are more interested in carring arms and going for the gun fight without improving the current system of Gun Management.

    • benpaul12

      You’re right, there’s nothing wrong with what HDPA has exposed. It should and most likely will result in changes to the system – which is excellent. The fact it’s a hot potato will heavily influence the police’s decision to prosecute and how it makes the Police look.

      At the same time though, she did break the law and the repercussions on allowing laws to be broken just to prove a point is a dangerous precedent.

      • ewan derric

        Hdpa forged the sid no. of a police officer and his signature. a firearm’s licence number. She has committed 5 serious crimes each carrying minimum prision sentences. Theoretically she could go to prision. The only thing she did was exploit the system illegally there is no loophole. A loop hole implys there is a legal way around something illegal which would be hard to convict on. What she did was a clear breach of laws and acts, no if buts or maybe’s. The law is the law, no media correspondent should be above that. And hey if the cops don’t charge her gun city will. Further to that point a high court criminal lawyer has said if she is charged, and it goes to court that she will almost certainly face convection.