Ratings: Guns good for Story while Friday changes bomb

TV3 had mixed results last week. Story was up 10% to an average audience of 164,243 viewers per night thanks in part to the firearm story on Wednesday and Thursday. However, the changes TV3 implemented on Friday with the arrival of the new season of The Goldbergs saw the worst result in the 7pm timeslot with an average audience of only 47,370 viewers.

That dismal figure represented less than 10% of the average audience for Seven Sharp on Friday with 483,580 viewers.


Meanwhile, Seven Sharp had a 7% drop on the previous week to an average audience of 461,928 viewers per night.

Year on year, the weekly average, including Friday, for TV3 was 140,868 which represented a fall of 30% on 2014 and a 38% drop on 2013.

For TV One, the weekly average was up 2% on the same period in 2014 and up 24% on 2013.

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  • K

    What is wrong with the programmers @ Tv3? Did they really think Rubbish like The Goldbergs was going to rate ?

  • Mary Smith

    The problem with the programmer is the CEO and one of the board members think they can do his job better.

  • Shannon Ryan

    TV3’s abysmal decision of cutting current affairs on Friday brings down the rest of the night. Give me a lifestyle show in that timeslot.

  • Simon Green

    In their defence, all the JAFAs evacuated Auckland en masse on Friday, so ratings were always going to be lower than a normal Friday. TV2 replaced Shortland Street with Toy Story 3, and ratings were around half of what they were the previous week (assuming the viewing of TS3 was evenly spread). Seven Sharp barely moved, but then the nanna and pop watchers aren’t the JAFAs that left the city 🙂

  • K

    From @thestorynz “It’s @LachlanForsyth & @HDPA presenting tonight! @DuncanGarnerNZ is off for a few days”