Ratings: Paul Henry dips as Breakfast holds

It’s a fascinating game watching the early morning TV ratings. Paul Henry has had a pretty good run of late but the last two weeks have seem TV3’s most improved player drop from previous highs with last week down another 6% to an average audience of 50,778 viewers per morning between 7am and 9am.

The decrease could be attributed to daylight savings but TV One’s Breakfast has enjoyed the opposite results over the last two weeks with the average audience for last week holding steady at 130,113 viewers per morning between 7am and 9am.


With the recent radio survey results that showed a lift for Paul Henry on Radio Live, these current numbers will be a little disappointing for Mediaworks.

For the remaining few months of the year, TV3 will be eager to grow and consolidate their early morning audience as they evaluate plans for 2016.

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  • Andrew

    Nadine brings a smart and professional aspect to breakfast e.g less giggling.

    • benpaul12

      That’s what’s needed on SS. Someone to replace mumsy.

      • Guest

        She’s so unprofessional!!! And despite saying in a magazine interview that she wouldn’t be working Fridays, lo and behold I tuned in on Friday … and there she was. Nadine should do this show too. Mumsy should go back home and look after her bubbas.

        • andrew

          i think its not every friday. only the fridays that she has treatment on. any ideas on who will be replcaing mike when he goes to the UK?

          • benpaul12

            Probably Jake Tame again?

          • jamie

            why thought he was the US corrispontent. they spend so much money on flying him around. hes a babe but whyyyyyy.

          • benpaul12


          • Jay

            Jack Tame isn’t that great. Plenty of other local people who could do the job just as well (maybe better).

    • Guest

      Ali seemed to dumb herself down when she got that job, probably to make Rawdon feel more important (puffed up little himbo that he is). Nadine just acts normal which is why the mean all feel threatened by her (Rawdon didn’t want her to get that job when she was vying for it against Ali, and Hosking can’t stand her). She’s strong, smart and intelligent – perfect for that role. PS: If TVNZ need to let go of any weather people then they should look to Sam or that silly Dan – NOT Karen.

  • K

    Hilary coming back from holiday then going again can’t be helping…probably in the minority but not fussed about Judy Bailey at all