Ratings: Changes coming for 7pm on TV3

TVNZ will be enjoying the 11% increase of Seven Sharp on the previous week as the average audience jumped back towards the half million mark with 495,070 viewers per night. The increase is also reflected in the year on year figures with a 17% increase on the same period in 2014 and a 38% increase on 2013.

Mediaworks will be relieved to have a 3% lift on the previous week’s worst ever 7pm figures but Story’s 148,838 viewers per night is the second worst week for their early evening current affairs line up.


Compounding the problem is the ill performing Lip Sync Battle which, while up marginally on the previous week’s low to an average audience of 59,870 viewers, dragged the rest of the 7pm week-night slots down to 131,044.

Year on year, the problem for TV3 is even more visible with a 35% fall on what Campbell Live was delivering in 2014 and 48% lower than what it was doing in 2013 for the same period.

In 2013, TVNZ saw similar declines and took action to turn things around. Their changes succeeded. Mediaworks have been slow to do what is necessary to stem the slide in ratings and now find themselves in the unenviable position of having to reinvent their 7pm time slot again while their competition power ahead.

However, changes are coming. From this Friday, TV3 will replace Lip Sync Battle with another show from Four. The new season of The Goldbergs, a few weeks behind the US broadcast, will screen in the 7pm time slot.

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  • 4by3

    Because, you know, god forbid you ran a current affairs show FIVE times a week… that would NEVER work.

  • Hhh

    HDA is superb but she is the mike Hoskings of the show so she needs a hot blonde co host a male one that is Tom McCrae would be good eyes hot