Ratings: Tonight's newsworthy ratings increase

There is no snoozing for TVNZ’s news division as their late night news program Tonight powers on while TV3’s Newsworthy languishes in its ratings dust.

Tonight enjoyed a 12% lift on the previous week to an average audience of 157,810 viewers per night with Monday’s program drawing the biggest average audience since the two programs went head to head.


Newsworthy has been enjoying small gains as of late though with another 11% gain on the previous week to end with an average audience of 56,322 viewers per night. While the rot appears to have stopped, the numbers are down 34% on what The Paul Henry Show was delivering in 2014.

In comparison, Tonight, on the other hand, is up 52% on the same period last year.

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  • Jay

    Will Newsworthy make it into 2016?
    Mind you – what were John Campbell’s ratings like at the premiere of his show in 2005, and how was he doing six months later (just curious)?