SKY decides not to renew Travel Channel

imageSKY earlier this month made a decision to cease broadcasting the Travel Channel. This will be effective from midnight tomorrow.

In a statement on their website they have said:

SKY is committed to offering a broad and varied range of channels to its subscribers. We are constantly evaluating the value of our customer offering and while it’s not a decision that is taken lightly, it was decided not to renew the channel and focus on other opportunities available to us.

We have recently added TLC to our platform and we are pleased to advise that [Discovery] Turbo will also join the SKY channels as of the 1st November. Both of these channels carry some programmes with Closed Captions and are part of the Basic Package.

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  • Liz Donnelly

    Travel channel was one of the best channels on sky. Very bad decision, very disappointed.

    • Tania

      I agree. TLC is just a channel full of crap that appeals to who, exactly? VERY poor decision making on their part.

  • Jolene Rautenbach

    Very bad decision on your part SkyTV!!! I’ve been mostly housebound after an injury 2 1/2 years ago and the travel channel has been my daily companion. This TLC shit is not worth the digital space it takes up. I’m bereaved.

  • Kevin c

    Bad move sky, travel was your best channel, time for sky to go, unhappy customer.

  • Jay

    My comments not allowed anymore?

    • Joe

      as long as they dont contradict the Whaleoil team

  • Len

    No Travel Channel. Worst move ever. Looks like they are saving money not having this channel. They have put a load of new crap channels on and a while ago put the monthly charges up. Time to ditch sky. Better stuff on YouTube…

  • Joanne Hammond

    I agree the Travel channel was my absolute favourite for quality viewing. Stupid move IMO. Discovery Turbo doesn’t even come close to the same quality.

  • Simon

    The people who judge what sky viewer actually want to watch are a bunch of idiot, plenty of other channels you could have got rid of