Well that didn't work

samantha-hayesAfter Mediaworks revamped their Sunday night line up with a half hour news bulletin and the introduction of a half hour of current affairs, more changes have been rung in with 3D being bumped to 9:30pm on Monday and the hour long 3 News returning.

3D, and its predecessor 3rd Degree, have struggled to find an audience and the relegation of current affairs to late on Monday is a fair sign that its days are numbered and that any renewed funding from NZ On Air would be highly unlikely.

Monday night’s episode drew an average audience of only 37,920 viewers. Perhaps the supposed enticing story about porn was less so than the real thing. Either way, it’s simply not sustainable.

Sure it’s only a single data point and it’s only the first night in that timeslot but seriously, that is by far the worst performance this current affairs program has done on TV3.

So this poses a couple of interesting questions.

1. Who is it that thinks having someone host a serious current affairs program won’t cause any confusion when that same person hosts a more light hearted daily news and current affairs program?

2. Where does this leave serious, investigative journalism at TV3?

3. What is the 2016 schedule going to look like?

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  • benpaul12

    What’s interesting is that TV3 has a pretty chokka line up of current affairs shows – but nobody is watching. It’s a shame because TV3 certainly is trying to avoid the race to the bottom, giving up, and just showing high-rating, cheap-production crap.

    TV3 has proven over the last few nights however, with The Block and Grand Designs, they can win the key demo – something TVOne is failing to do, despite overall big numbers.

  • andrew

    surely they should miss out on NZ on Air funding for next year!

  • Henry Scobie

    It’s a shame, because Sam Hayes is super-hot, very professional, and thoroughly deserves better reward for her efforts.

    • fashion police

      She’s a bit colour blind though, judging on what she wore last night (peachy pink top with her red hair)

      • Jay

        I remember seeing her being described as “TV3’s favourite clothes-hanger” a few years ago…

  • K

    Sam Hayes doing the 6pm news tonight … Hilary was on Paul Henry this morning & away on holiday last week so wonder what’s happening

    • Tania

      Hilary’s been in LA interviewing Oprah.
      She was away for school holidays the week before.

  • Shannon Ryan

    Yesterday Sam Hayes co-presented the 6pm bulletin and Sacha McNeil co-presented Newsworthy. Why would the person who was appointed co-host of Newsworthy go to 6pm, when Sacha is available to do that instead? Confusion from TV3 turns people off. Where’s the synergy?

    • Tania

      Because Sam is being groomed to replace HIlary eventually. This is no secret – Mark Jennings has said this all along.
      But for the record I do think Sacha is sidelined too much – she’s fantastic at her job and should be in a primetime, permanent, position (the weekend, I think).

      • K

        I agree Sacha should do the weekend news

        I’m picking Sam will replace Hilary very soon..Maybe in time for the new look bulletin in November ?