What about TV2?

Yesterday we looked at the channel share for TV3 since 2010 and what has been going on as of late and came to the conclusion that while the numbers for TV3 might be down, their share of total television viewers is flat. This would suggest that it’s not just TV3 that are suffering from declining audiences.

Today, let’s look at TV2. The following graph is the channel share for TV2 from 2010:


TV2: All Day Channel Share, total audience, 30 day moving average

The channel share is the share one channel has of all viewing for a particular time period. The share, expressed as a percentage, is calculated by dividing the channel’s average audience by the average audience of all channels.

As you can see, the channel share for TV2 has dropped from 20% in 2010 to around 13% in 2015.  This 7 point drop for TV2 is greater than the 5 point drop for TV3.

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  • Simon Green

    This reinforces what I said yesterday in that the target demographics for these channels (particularly the youth end of the markets) are moving away from traditional TV and onto PVRs, catch up, or other sources (Netflix, Youtube). Meanwhile the nannas that watch TV One still are.

    • benpaul12

      Yep and I am certainly one of these. Honestly, other than live sport, traditional TV is lost on me.

      • Simon Green

        Likewise. My parents tend to watch TV One (and a bit of Prime, UKTV and live sports) as it is broadcast. Not Netflix, Sky Go/3Now/TVNZOD at all. Meanwhile, less than 50% of my viewing is from broadcast tv, and nearly all of it (except live sport) is on I watch on delay (My Sky) so I can skip the adverts.

        • benpaul12

          Yep, my parents are the same. Although they just got netflix and are pretty into it!

  • Jay

    Any chance of one for TV One? I’d be interested to see what their numbers are doing too. Maybe one for Prime as well (although there may not be much change there).

  • Dave Ian Batten

    No surprises here.

  • Mike

    Now this is getting interesting.

    Any chance of the same analysis for One?

    And then starting to ask the questions –
    Are viewers fragmenting onto other Freeview channels?
    Is viewership drifting to Sky?
    Is timeshifting having such a meaningful impact that the graphs need to be Live+SD or Live+SD+7?
    We know TV viewership is in decline? The Nielson multiscreen reports have 2015 viewership down 4.5% yoy and down 12% since 2012 or about 4% per annum. But these are channel share numbers so its where the pie is going, not about the size of the pie.

  • Shannon Ryan

    Compare this against the TVNZ OD viewing numbers to make it mean something