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Regan is one of the co-founders of Throng Media.
If they're on, I'm usually watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The X Factor, Survivor, House of Cards, Mad Men and the NRL.
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  • Simon Green

    I saw this tweet in my timeline (I follow @thestorynz). After admiring the nice house that HDPA has, I thought it was incredibly stupid to post a photo of her committing a crime. Police won’t have much problem throwing her in the slammer for posing in that photo.

    • benpaul12

      I think that she’s done the right thing by exposing the story, it’s relevant and important – but she has broken the law doing it.

      The Gun City guy’s reaction is a bit OTT, but his business has been brought into disrepute, and his business has probably followed the current legal process. They were tricked, with false details. Was the false persona registered/licensed and able to purchase?

      • Simon Green

        She has committed a serious crime (forging a police officers signature), which has to be punished. If Joe Bloggs did what HDPA did, they would have the book thrown at them. TV show hosts are no different to the rest of us.

  • Jay
    • Guest

      What a stupid thing for her to do. She is committing career suicide but can’t see that.

  • 4by3

    This spectacle aside, watching HDPA interviewed on Paul Henry this morning just reinforced how terrible the presenting team on Story really is.

    Given an opportunity, Heather is smart/sharp/funny… Duncan is not. He’s dull. Oafish. He has all the magnetism of an ageing beer fridge door. And, most tellingly, he talks over Heather (without listening to what she’s saying) night after night. In his mind, it’s clearly ‘The Duncan show’… and nobody is buying tickets.

    Why should Heather have to go down with this listing vessel?! Give her a (half?!) decent co-host… give her a chance!

    • K

      Yes, Completely agree