"Binge-Watch" declared word of the year for 2015

Collins have declared “binge-watch” the word of the year for 2015.

“Binge-watch” has been named word of the year by Collins, after our relentless consumption of shows such as House of Cards and Breaking Bad led its usage to increase by 200% last year.

Lexicographers at Collins monitor word usage across all media, picking out both new words that are gaining traction with the public, and established words enjoying greater use. “Binge-watch”, which was used in the 1990s in reference to DVDs of complete series, came to prominence in 2010, said Collins, but has “very much come to the fore” in 2015 following a sea change in the way we watch television.

CollinsDictionary.com defines the verb as “to watch a large number of television programmes (especially all the shows from one series) in succession”. According to the publisher, usage of the term is up 200% on 2014. Collins also cited a survey by digital video recording company Tivo, which reported in June this year that 92% of viewers admitted to watching more than three episodes of a series in one day, and 37% had spent a whole weekend watching one show.

Consumers enjoy viewing multiple episodes at once rather than waiting week by week. Streaming is becoming the new normal.

Lightbox has provided a list of the top shows being binge watched by Kiwis on their platform:

1. Suits
2. Breaking Bad
3. Outlander
4. Mr Robot
5. Vikings

Lightbox says that 68% of its customers who log in each day will binge watch content (two episodes or more).

According to the Ericsson Costumer Lab report, a whopping 87 percent of viewers across the globe are indulging in this behaviour once a week. A further 60 per cent of SVOD subscribers binge watch at least once a day and 93 per cent binge view at least once a fortnight.

Lightbox CEO Kym Niblock comments, “What binge-watching starkly reveals is that the traditional TV model has changed. Consumers are increasingly empowered and expect the products and services they consume delivered on their own terms, to their own schedules and to the devices they choose.”

Television viewing habits are certainly changing.

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