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new-prime-logoSKY Television announced yesterday that in a partnership with Government-funded Able, it will provide captioning on certain Prime Television programmes from early next year.

In a press release released late yesterday, SKY said it had “invested in equipment to enable the broadcast of captions on pre-recorded content screening on its free-to-air channel Prime”.

New Zealand on Air-funded funded shows, including Decades in Colour, The Crayfishers, Forensics and Shearing Gang, will be captioned along with other prime time shows.

“We are really pleased Prime will now be able to show captions on these quality local shows, thanks to the contribution of Able along with our investment in infrastructure,” said SKY spokeswoman Kirsty Way.

Able currently receives $2.8 million a year from New Zealand on Air to fund captioning for TVNZ and MediaWorks programmes. 100% of prime time content on TVNZ channels is now captioned.

Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams said yesterday the extension of captioning to Prime will ensure more content availability for deaf and hard of hearing people.

“The addition of Prime to the list of free-to-air [captioning] services means more shows important to a New Zealand audience will be captioned, increasing the choice of channel and content for hearing-impaired viewers,” she said.

Further announcements on captioned programmes and launch times will be made in early 2016.

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  • toby_toby

    It’s a good start and a long time coming. A shame though that they’ll only be doing local shows. Sky has deep enough pockets that they must be able to increase the Prime budget in order to caption overseas programming in prime time.It doesn’t make sense to me to ignore the deaf audience. They still buy stuff, after all.

  • Simon Green

    Well Sky’s been around for 25 years, and this will be the first Sky controlled channel to have captioning. Absolutely appalling effort from them.