Farewell 3D

3d-logoWhen the lawyers get called in to “negotiate” for a group of reporters over the imminent cancellation of their TV show and they’re quoted as having issues with management, you may as well turn out the lights already.

According to reports, their lawyer will argue there has been no good faith in the process as TV3 management has already pre-determined the show is going.

How does this end well for the reporters concerned? Having a gripe to the minions at your largest competition about your bosses and inform them that you’re taking legal action is hardly “good faith” either. If the show wasn’t going to be cancelled, it sure is now.

3D has tanked in the ratings and while part of the problem is the endless program shuffling, like Campbell Live before it, people have been switching off. This, despite being referred to as the bastion of current affairs and investigative journalism.

I note with interest that the usual suspects at the Herald who have gleefully paraded the appalling ratings are now pretending to be the shows champions and are outraged on their behalf.

If news and current affairs aren’t commercially viable for Mediaworks then why should they continue to invest in it?

As for those who have boycotted TV3 over the cancelling of Campbell Live, they can give themselves a big round of applause.

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  • 4by3

    “This, despite being referred to as the bastion of current affairs and investigative journalism.”

    Only by TV3’s marketing department.

    Everyone else surely saw it for what it was: over-paid clothes horses presenting hyper-emotive trash.

  • H.L.

    2 issues…
    1. Why bring a show back to which nobody watches.
    2. The very people who do not watch, and yes do watch as well, though the majority
    Of them don’t watch this show… Pay for it, so to the reporters at tv3 suck it up and kiss your jobs goodbye.

  • Rapana

    Surely this will free up more money for some of TV3’s other quality programming….like Masterchef or the Bachleor hahahahaa