Homeland continuity error

An eagle-eyed Homeland observer sent this in via the tipline:

In this scene from a recent episode, there is an Apple laptop on the desk.

In this scene, its a Dell!



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  • toby_toby

    OH MY GOD!

  • Guest

    How come they didn’t also notice that she’s wearing a different necklace? #Slipping #AttentionToDetail

  • Simon

    Maybe she has two laptops?

  • Colt Andersson

    That “eagle eyed” observer should have paid more attention, and it’s fairly obvious this wasn’t even checked before being run on this website. Laura Sutton kept two computers. The Apple was her work computer, the black Dell she removed from her safe in the office, and was the computer she was using to store and post the CIA documents.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      And there’s the explanation we were waiting for! Thanks