Only a few days left to win

Our Cancel Sky and Win competition is drawing to a close but there is still time to join everyone else who has told us why they’ve pulled the plug on their MySky and gone into the draw to win 12 months of Lightbox and Netflix.

Here are some excerpts of what some of the entries look like:

We are cancelling our Sky subscription because after 4 years I am sick and tired of your re-runs and sub-par broadcasting.

After ringing your call center and getting told there is no offers for existing customers, and that if we did want a special offer “we’d have to stand down from Sky for 3 months”, we’d pretty much made our minds to leave your over priced services. This competition has made up my mind. Why don’t you get it? You’ve missed the boat.

We are cancelling our Sky subscription because it is just ridiculously expensive compared to all the other options. Sure we’ll miss the odd live sport game but it’s not worth almost $100 a month.

I remember the good old days. The days where paid TV was paid-for for a reason. I remember watching shows without ads, live uninterrupted sports events where you didn’t squeeze an ad in just coz.

I’m done paying you to sell advertising to me.

It’s so expensive versus what you can get with a Smart TV and an internet connection!

You have until 5pm Friday to enter so do it now.

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  • benpaul12

    I’d be interested to see all the entries once the competition closes and how many you’ve received in total.