Ratings: Friday night fails before funnies for TV3

TV3’s 7pm woes continued last week with another 3% drop in audience for Story to an average audience of 158,940 viewers. While it wasn’t the worst that Mediaworks have had for their early evening current affairs programming, Friday’s new season of The Goldbergs slumped even lower than last week’s record low delivering debut. The average audience was down 14% to a staggeringly bad 40,600. The numbers were so low that it was beaten by both Four and Choice TV.


The overall average audience for TV3’s 7pm weeknight slot was dragged down 4% overall to 135,272 viewers per night.

Meanwhile, TV One enjoyed another two nights with more than half a million viewers for Seven Sharp and a lift in their average audience by 3% to 477,376 viewers per night on the previous week.

Yeah on year, Seven Sharp was up 8% on 2014 and 38% on 2013 while TV3 was down 30% on 2014 and 46% on 2013 for the same period.

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  • Shannon Ryan

    Hard to believe The Goldbergs got to air another episode in that slot. If it gets to air this week then I have to believe TV3 are smoking crack. Why not just air repeats of cops shows?

  • Jay

    Bring back Come Dine With Me NZ! It was seriously good (bad) television