This week on Shortland Street

Hospital staff host a fun run this week on Shortland Street, to help Ferndale kids in need.

Despite Vinnie (Pua Magasiva) and Leanne’s (Jennifer Ludlam) competitive attitudes to organise a social club fundraiser, the fun run event finally comes to fruition – but what will go down at the event?

Curtis (Jayden Daniels) tries to move on from his mistakes and focus on work – but realises his lawbreaking last week has cost him dearly with both Ali (Tane Williams) and his dad Mo (Jarod Rawiri). Mo is troubled to discover his son has been hanging out with the dodgy Blair (Tony Rahme). Will Blair get Curtis back to his old ways, or cause him to end up back in jail?

Meanwhile, Mo confides in Victoria (Laura Thompson) and she seizes the moment she’s been waiting for – and subtly questions the value of a marriage without trust. Mo is left with a very difficult decision – is it worth continuing with his flawed marriage?

Also this week, fresh off the back of his ex-wife Virgina’s (Serena Cotton) angry departure from Ferndale, underage patient Millie Hutchins (Brittany Clark) returns to Drew’s (Ben Barrington) life. After suffering hospital punishments for operating on the underage teenager and being confronted by her angry father Gareth (Jarrod Martin) in recent weeks, what trouble will Millie bring with her this time?

Shortland Street, 7pm weeknights on TV2.

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