Canterbury couple eliminated from MKR NZ after Lamb let down

Mother-daughter duo Ruth and Cheryl were eliminated from My Kitchen Rules New Zealand (MKR NZ) last night, after an undercooked lamb rump left several guests’ plates uneaten and the judges having to make the tough decision to send them home.

In a make-or-break challenge, the top five teams had 90 minutes to prepare, cook, and serve part of a five-course degustation dinner for judges, students, and Genesis Energy guests at Auckland’s Pakuranga College.

Each team randomly selected one of five courses; Ruth and Cheryl picked the second main and opted to serve lamb rump with fennel puree, caramelised shallots and Shiraz syrup – a hearty main with a lot of flavour.

The pair who described their time in the kitchen as “frantic and stressful” were lacking confidence going into judging with Cheryl saying, “I’m not [happy with it]. For some reason I’m not overly confident with this dish.”

The degustation dish had its ups and downs according to judges and guests. While the caramelised shallots and fennel purée were commended for their lovely flavours by the diners, the undercooked lamb was what let the pair down.

Judge Gareth Stewart knew Ruth and Cheryl would be disappointed with their undercooked lamb.

“Ruth and Cheryl, they are seriously good cooks, and I know that they’re going to be incredibly disappointed with the way this lamb has been cooked. That aside the flavours work really well. I love the fennel purée and the caramelised shallots,” said Stewart.

The poor performance was as much of a shock to the remaining contestants, with gatecrasher Jess stunned to see the consistent pair make a mistake.

“I’m so surprised to see Ruth and Cheryl in the bottom, they have not put a foot wrong this whole competition,” she said.

The competitive pair signed up for MKR so that they could spend more time together and described their time in the competition as an amazing journey and a humbling experience.

Tonight on MKR NZ, William and Zoe face off against Monique and Henry in the first Semi-Final, and next week Jay and Sarah cook against Jess and Stella for a shot in the Grand Final.


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