Casting Call: The Block 2016

Block-NZ_LogoMediaWorks has announced the search for next year’s Block contestants has begun – the casting call for series five of The Block NZ is open!

Producers are looking for teams of DIY enthusiasts – friends, family members or partners from anywhere in New Zealand who are over 18-years-old. Entrants may have previous home renovation experience, but specialists in residential building, painters and professional interior designers are not eligible to enter.

Sue Woodfield, TV3’s Head of Commissioning and External Production says the producers are looking for energetic people with a sense of humour and design flair.

“We’ve had a huge range of contestants over the previous four series, from complete DIY rookies to those with a few more skills in the tool belt. So if you’ve ever watched The Block NZ and thought you could do better, here’s your chance. We’d love to see your application!”

The 2016 series of The Block NZ will again see teams compete to renovate homes – room-by-room, week-by-week, challenge-by-challenge – and sell them at auction for the highest price.

Once selected, the teams will literally live and breathe their DIY project for the duration of filming and will live on site. The renovated homes will go to a LIVE TV auction, with The Block NZ 2016 winner’s title and an additional cash prize going to the team whose property sells for the most over reserve.

On auction night, Brooke and Mitch were crowned winners of The Block NZ: Villa Wars and won a life-changing $290,000. Jamie and Hayden and Cat and Jeremy both pocketed $160,000; with Sarah and Minanne taking away a massive $123,000.

In series three Alex & Corban Walls won a huge $307,000. Series two in 2013 saw Alice and Caleb Pearson take home $261,000, and series one inaugural winners Libby and Ben Crawford took home $237,000 in 2012. Who will it be in 2016?

The Block NZ is produced by Eyeworks Television and series four will screen on TV3 in 2016.


· Simply fill out the online form and tell us why you’ve got what it takes to be part of The Block NZ.

· Provide all the information you can and please remember to attach digital photographs of yourselves. Videos are welcomed too but are not compulsory and cannot be returned.

· The successful teams must be available for a twelve week shoot period from March 2016.

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  • Guest

    They need to show a wider cross-section of people … a couple in their 40s/50s would be a good start. If I was a contestant I’d be making an arrangement to pool all the winnings and split them evenly at the end, but that’s just me …

  • Aaron

    If they’re filming in March they must be quite a way along on preproduction already. I wonder if they have a site already picked out?

    We’re the previous series this early in the year? I guess if they start filming in March they will start airing in April or May rather than October like this year.

    • Just me

      They have a site picked out – St Johns Road in Meadowbank.
      But they don’t have anything else underway as yet – the casting call is genuinely that; there aren’t pre-picked candidates waiting in the wings.

  • Guest

    I don’t think plumbers or electricians should be allowed to enter either, even if they’re just studying the trade, because it gives that team an unfair advantage.

    • Aaron Impact

      But do plumbers and electricians know much about landscaping and decorating?

      • Guest

        Good point – I don’t think qualified, or in-training, landscapers should be allowed to enter either. If they don’t allow painters or interior designers, then why are the other categories open to entering?

        These are all skills that could give competitors an unfair advantage over their opponents. Look at Mitch this past season – he did his own plumbing; look at Damo the season before – he was an electrician in-training and was able to do a lot of his own stuff (before he got stuck and had to call in help). That’s unfair on the other contestants who had to pay for their labour through and through.

        • Guest

          PS: And employees of Freedom or The Block’s suppliers should be ruled out; and employees or contractors of Warner Bros, TV3/Mediawork and other affiliates should not be employed or allowed to purchase the homes (a contractor to Warner Bros bought Sarah and Minanne’s house). This is all standard stuff with most competitions.