End of Year Analysis: Rugby World Cup 2015

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Here are a few take aways from the 2015 Rugby World Cup

The most watched pool game was the All Blacks vs Tonga with an average audience of 600,850 viewers.

The least watched pool game was between Canada and Romania. The average audience for this match was less than a thousand people.

Of all the matches, the All Blacks had the highest average audience per game with 687,474 viewers. Second was Australia with 298,003 and third was England, who didn’t make the play offs, with 271,160 viewers per match.

The least watched countries were Romania, followed by Canada then Italy and the USA.

The grand final had an average audience of 1,165,780 viewers compared to the 2011 final which had 2,036,900 viewers and doesn’t place it inside the list of the most watched events in NZ TV history.

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