End of Year Analysis: Which programmes bucked the trend in 2015?

seven-sharp-logoWhen we consider how bad the ratings have been for a number of shows this year, it’s hard to believe there could be any silver lining for anyone. While the bottom has fallen out of much of the audience levels TV3 and TV2’s programming with 3 News, Campbell Live, Masterchef, Dancing With the Stars, Shortland Street and Home and Away, to name a few, haemorrhaging viewers, there have been a couple of stand outs that really have bucked the trend and turned things around on 2014. Especially when you consider

The first on this list of winners for 2015 is One News.

The average audience for One News in 2015 is at the highest we have seen since we began looking at the ratings in 2010. In 2015, the average nightly audience has been approximately 660,000 viewers per night, 9% higher than 2010 and 4% higher than last year.

The second show to buck the trend and turn things around is Seven Sharp.

Say what you will about Mike Hosking and the content of TV One’s post news program but Seven Sharp has consolidated the gains the show made in 2014 to increase the average audience by a further 8% to approximately 474,000 viewers per night. The size of the audience is now between two and three times greater than TV3’s 7pm audience and surprisingly nearly 100,000 more than Shortland Street over on TV2.

The third show to buck the trend and deliver higher audiences than 2014 is TV3’s new early morning news program with Paul Henry.

While it wouldn’t have been too difficult to improve on the numbers Firstline was delivering, Paul Henry has rejuvenated the start of the day for TV3, more than doubling the number of people tuning in for their news while they eat their cornflakes to approximately 58,000 viewers between 7am and 9am. While there is still some way to go to catch Breakfast, Paul Henry has been the real standout for Mediaworks as far as what has made in roads against TVNZ.

I am still of the belief that a Henry vs Hosking in the morning and at 7pm would be a formidable option for TV3.

The other thing that is of interest is the success of right leaning hosts vs those of the left, like Campbell Live, which have waned in viewership. It shouldn’t be surprising though considering the polls suggest voters are tending to be leaning towards the right as well. Viewers tend to flock to programming that resonates with them and if not, it is the compelling alternative that will gain their attention. But more on that shortly…

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  • David Finch

    “the success of right leaning hosts”. It’s not really their success that is discussion worthy but the fact that where we once had current affairs we now have Mike and Paul’s lazy opinionising And that our networks are so in thrall to John Key that they see no problem with this. Meanwhile viewers are starved of a bigger picture and more professional journalism.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      it is certainly concerning that professional journalism is all but gone from television these days but when it is on, it tends not to be watched and then the axes come out.

      What we’re left with is what we’re left with and of that, this is what is rating.

      • epistaxis

        I tend to put it down to the heart and minds of this nation is “redneck” and hosts like hosking/henry appeal to that mass…helping the underdog/and refuges of the world does not interest the average viewer… jc/story were/are fighting a losing “ratings” battle!

        • David Finch

          Free to air TV in NZ has been commercialised to the point that a significant section of the population has abandoned it, so what rates now rates amongst a very diminished – and less demanding? – audience. If I know that Hosking & Henry is standard fare, why would I turn TV on in the hope of finding something better? And so it goes… Until a government has the guts and foresight to give us a proper public service channel.