Here's an idea for Mediaworks

Last night a reader emailed me an idea which I think could have merit. Take a read and tell us what you think.

Nearly all of Mediaworks’ morning radio shows -The Edge Breakfast, The Morning Rumble, Mai Morning Crew, MORE FM Breakfast, George FM Breakfast, The Sound Breakfast, The Breeze, Magic – run until 10am. All except The Paul Henry show on Radio Live, finishing at 9am.

With both Good Morning on TV One & Sean Plunket’s Radiolive show – following PH, ending at the end of the year should Mediaworks extend Paul Henry to 10am ?

Unless that would impinge on Henry moving to 7pm of course.

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  • Guestation

    It would only suit the radio in terms of shifts… pretty sure it wouldn’t pay it’s way 9-10am.

  • Guest

    No. The reason it shuts off when it does is because the majority of its target audience goes to work. Besides, poor Hilary needs some time with her family before she’s due back at TV3 to prepare for the news (from lunchtimeish onwards)