Mediaworks Weekly Highlight Report: 7 December 2015


The Block New Zealand: Villa Wars was a massive hit with New Zealand audiences. The final where Brooke and Mitch were crowned winners of The Block NZ: Villa Wars and won a life-changing $290,000 won across all four demos attracting a 12.6 rating and a huge 35.9 share in the 25-54 demo.

In the nail-biting episode, Jamie and Hayden and Cat and Jeremy both pocketed $160,000; with Sarah and Minanne taking away a massive $123,000.

The Block NZ Villa Wars was tuned into by 846,000 viewers (5+ cume) at some stage over the final episode. Average audiences were up 25.9 per cent from 386,400 in the 2014 final to 486,500 last night (overnight ratings).

The series was tuned to by 2,675,400 viewers overall (5+ cume) and won its slot on average across the series.

TV3 also enjoyed another successful Friday night with the 200th episode of 7 Days winning across all four demos, achieving an 11.2 rating and a 26.7 share in 25-54. The Graham Norton Show also won across all four demos (getting a 7.4 and 20.5 in 25-54).

The first season of Grand Designs New Zealand, which finished the week before, was a massive success with over 1.7 million people tuning in to watch the series. (5+ cume).

Grand Designs New Zealand lifted both year on year ratings and share for the Sunday timeslot by 43 per cent and 55 per cent respectively against 25-54, and on average, consistently won its timeslot across all key demos.

— Mediaworks

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  • Bathy Cates

    Those Grand Finale figs look decidely average compared to the heady days of 2012 & 2013. Can we have a contrast and compare for the finale figs over the years please Regan? The ‘cumulative’ total is sure sign they’re putting a brave face on!

    • benpaul12

      Still 800k is an impressive number for MediaWorks *and* the current TV viewing landscape.

      I am surprised it rated higher than 500k…

      • benpaul12

        Whoops, I was wrong. I read the crap spin. Now I am not surprised it didn’t get over 500k 🙂

        • Bathy Cates

          That’s what those press releases are designed for; we all get confused by the chopped up data they use!

          Here’s what the show has done so far (Wiki is source);

          Premiere 367,920
          Series Average 372,218
          Finale 476,400

          Premiere 384,820
          Series Average 411,271
          Finale 637,950

          Premiere 326,590
          Series Average 302,992
          Finale 378,340

          Premiere 196,145
          Series Average?
          Finale 486, 500
          Mixed bag 2015…

          • benpaul12

            I guess that it was 2nd highest is something to be happy about in the current TV climate then? That premier number is diabolical.

    • Dave

      486,000 and the #2 program overall across all channels yesterday is pretty good these days. I’m sure TV3 will be very happy with those figures.

      • Dave

        Sorry, 458,500 was the raw 5+ overnight figures for TV3 live (I suspect 486,000 might include viewing on TV3+1)