Ratings: Newsworthy sets new record, beats 3 News at 6

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The average audience for TV3’s late news show Newsworthy was up 6% last week to 74,564 viewers per night, the highest weekly average the show has had since it began. The show has been dogged with poor ratings. Monday night’s show drew a little over 35,000 viewers but it was Friday’s show that was the highlight of the week.

Friday’s average audience of 146,300 viewers wasn’t only the best night that Newsworthy has ever had, it beat 3 News at 6pm which only had an average audience of 142,810 viewers.


Tonight was also up 13% on the previous week to an average audience of 134,896 viewers per night.

Year on year, last week marked the very first time that Newsworthy has out-rated The Paul Henry Show from last year with a 10% higher audience than the same time in 2014. For Tonight, they were up 5% on this time last year.

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  • 4by3

    What is going on here?!

  • H.M.

    on the topic of newsworthy, wouldnt it be interesting to have Mike Puru on Newsworthy next year instead of David Farrier. He is a much better fit and would work better on that show, also I think it should be more of an entertainment based show in that 2nd half, and somebody new could come on board to do film reviews, game reviews, music reviews etc.. This would attract a younger audience who are already up at that time of the night anyways. just thinking out loud.

    • K

      Yes Mike would be much better, a much nicer personality .. probably not the sort to bag the company he works for on social media either..
      So next year the main news will be called Newshub & late news Newsworthy – does that work?

      • Guest

        Mike does have something on the boil. He’s an in-demand commodity at Mediaworks – I’m just surprised he didn’t get one of the lucrative contracts/retainers that were given to Mark Richardson and Dominic Bowden.