What's in store for the Shortland Street 2015 cliffhanger?

In previous years Ferndale has been a notoriously risky place to reside around the festive season, and this year may well prove to be no exception. Shortland Street wraps up its 24th season tonight with its trademark Christmas cliffhanger.

This year, the season finale cliffhanger doubles as Shortland Street‘s annual feature length 90-minute episode, and producer Simon Bennett is promising action on a grand scale.

“This year we’re pulling out all the stops for our Christmas cliffhanger. There will be romance, intrigue and tragedy on a grand scale. Each and every character will be affected in one way or another,” said Bennett.

Love is in the air as Boyd (Sam Bunkall) and Harper (Ria Vandervis) prepare for their big day. But what’s a Shortland Street wedding without some drama? Will Harper’s feelings for Drew (Ben Barrington) stop the wedding from going ahead?

Furthermore, don’t miss a fantastic cameo performance from award-winning musical trio Sol3 Mio, whose rendition of Santa Lucia is the perfect accompaniment to all the action going on in the show.

Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a party and someone dressed as Santa. At the hospital, Leanne (Jennifer Ludlam) and Vinnie (Pua Magasiva) make plans for a Christmas party that is set to go off.

2015’s Christmas cliffhanger is set to be huge. Don’t miss any of the action!

Shortland Street, 7pm tonight on TV2.

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  • Guest

    Ugh!!! So furious Len died – I loved him! Why couldn’t it have been the IT guy? I really hope Drew survives – he is one of the best additions to the cast ever! Great season finale – thank you so much Shortland Street! 🙂