Where to for Mike Puru?

Mike Puru host of TV3's The Bachelor New ZealandI have a lot of time for Mike Puru. He’s one of the most genuine, nicest personalities in the media. We’ve known Mike since the first season of NZ Idol and he was one of the first people to interview us on TV when he was hosting the youth news and current affairs program Flipside on TV2 and also throughout his time working with Jay Jay and Dom on The Edge.

This week he announced he’s getting his mornings back and leaving breakfast radio and has other projects on the horizon, including hosting the second season of TV3’s The Bachelor NZ.

Mike is a very warm, and likeable personality and as has been pointed out already, it is somewhat surprising that he hasn’t been utilised more on TV by Mediaworks.

Last year, Mike stood in in Paul Henry’s absence on The Paul Henry Show and delivered the late night news program its highest ratings it had had since it started.

This year, Newsworthy has really struggled to build it’s audience and it has only been in the last couple of weeks, with the absence of its usual hosts, that the numbers have been up with last week being the first week all year that the year on year figures have been higher than The Paul Henry Show.

With inevitable changes needed, could a Mike Puru lead news program work again? I think so. What about you?

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  • H.M

    Agreed, he’s such an awesome talent, as I pointed out yesterday I’d definitely want to see him in the late news slot, plus it could be relaunched with Sacha as his newsreader…now that would be a cool little reunion “Flipside”

  • K

    Definitely !

  • Lorna Luft

    Definitely not whilst he’s doing the Shopping Channel job; it makes him look ridiculous and, I think, one of the main reasons he doesn’t get the bigger gigs! He’d have been a better choice for ‘Family Feud’ (warmer than the comic and better with the public). Plus with so very few gay presenters on NZ TV it would be a great shame if David got pushed from ‘Newsworthy’ for Mike. There’s severe ‘only gay in the village’ syndrome at TV3!

  • Guest

    I told you yesterday that he has something in the pipeline.

    • Lorna Luft

      I hope it involves resigning from Home Shopping! Co-hosting ‘Kiwi Living’ I’d assume is the next proj.

      • Guest

        No, because that’s on an opposing network. He is still presenter for The Bachelor NZ. He’d be good on The Block – as Mark Richardson is locked in on contract, he could replace Shelley Fergusson who was so blardy boring and fake.

        • Lorna Luft

          True. Personally I could do without the increasingly low rent ‘Jono & Ben’ for a couple of years. ‘Tonight With Mike Puru’; I might pitch it!