Throng Media is a new media company based in New Zealand which operates online communities serving the production, broadcast and viewing of television in New ZealandAustraliaCanada and the UK.

Throng Media was established in December 2006, following on from the highly successful, award-winning Idolblog.com; a niche site dedicated to commentary on the Idol franchise.

Each website within the Throng Media network is a single, stand-alone site that provides producers and broadcasters of television in each territory with the opportunity to connect with viewers in a neutral social networking environment. Producers, broadcasters and their publicity and PR representatives either publish their own content or submit it to our team for publication. If you’re a production company or broadcaster and would like your press releases, news or weekly highlights published by us, please contact us.

Readers are invited, and encouraged, to participate in conversation about television shows and general television industry news as well as become members and contribute their own commentary and opinion on their own Throng blog.

More than 350,000 people visit the Throng Media network every month.

For advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.