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After a long hiatus season 3  of Breaking Bad airs on C4 next Thursday.

Breaking Bad, thursday april 12, 10.30pm

Even though I’m not interested in watching Wild Boys. I love the ad in the background on this site. It makes Throng look more slick instead of having the plain white background.

I have only just started watching this show from season 1 and it has to be one of the best shows I have seen and apparently it’s an unknown tv show.

Psych is about a young man called Shawn who is very observent to the things around him and uses his “gift” to pretend to be psychic and help the police solve cases. Shawn also has a partner, his best friend Gus who usually has to go along with Shawns antics.

Oh, and Shawns father is also a former police officer who we see giving Shawn fatherly advice in the opening of every episode and during which of.

Most of the episodes are light hearted, so if you want to wind down and relax you will be in good company.

Psych, Prime TV, 6.00pm Sunday

After 8 seasons former police detective Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) finally takes a bow, but not before taking on one final case.  The unsolved murder of his beloved wife Trudy, who was tragically killed in a car bomb explosion.

Over the past 8 seasons Monk has been trying hard to solve his wifes murder and get over his obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobias so he can return to the police force.

Will Monk finally solve Trudys murder and find closure?

Watch part 1 of the series finale of Monk 3:00pm Saturday, May 21 on TV3

Four have suddenly taken off season 14 of South Park. They haven’t even played all the episodes, infact they haven’t played episodes 200 and 201.

To be fair, Comedy Central didn’t play the 200 and 201 episodes either. I’m guessing because they were controversial?

I couldn’t give a stuff about Fours marketing gimmicks and flashy promos. I just want to see my favourite shows.

The Box are going to play the latest season of Dexter (Season 5) straight off the satellite, or near enough.

Take note TVNZ and TV3 if you have the guts. This is how you please the TV viewers and encourage us to watch your TV channel.

If you take risks with your TV programming you may very well be rewarded.

I’m figuring out what I am going to do.

TV1 is airing the movie length premiere “This is Not My Life”, at the same time Prime is airing “Survivors”. Then there is the usual shows I watch on C4.

Now look at Wednesday night. There is nothing on except maybe “True Blood” which I’m not really into or “Castle” which I haven’t got round to seeing yet. V: The Remake sucks, so I’m not going there.

Back to Thursdays, my only option is to tape TV1 and switch back and forth between Prime and C4.

What a surprise to seen Simone Kessell playing a role in the first episode of the second season of Fringe.

Taking a look at her acting credits on IMDb she has also featured in a few other US TV shows including Reaper and CSI:Miami.

Well done.

The movie Troy is playing next wednesday night.

Wednesday night on TV2 has already become the best night of the week, and continues this trend by playing Supernatural after Lost.

Well done TV2.