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Thanks! 😀

From a thread from last year:

The below shows are finishing on TV2, Friday 29 June:

-Balls of Steel

When the hell are we going to get season 2? All I’ve heard is that it will be sometime this year. Australia have already had season 2 and this week the last 4 episodes of season 3 that were filmed after the strike had finished are screening in America. How much longer do we have to wait?? Apparently NZ doesn’t even have a release date for the season 2 DVDs, according to JB Hifi, and I’m unable to buy online. I’m caught up with America by watching online, but that’s not the point. Does anyone know a date when TVNZ will start screening it again?

It’s been a long time since this morning, so I can’t remember why I was thinking about this lol but the old kids programme Rainbow popped into my mind, so I searched on YouTube. Which then made me think of Sooty and Sweep. Just reminiscing. Gosh the kids programmes were so much better when I was growing up.

Thinking even more, remember After School with Ollie Olsen? “Keep cool til after school” while holding his hand with index, middle and ring fingers down and shaking it. That was where Thingee was born. He was an egg for ages and built up to his hatching.

And family programmes, anyone remember Top Town? Krypton Factor? Face The Music? I miss old school TV.

So every now and then I reminisce about Swans Crossing, a show I used to love when I was at intermediate. They had a cheesy dance at the start that my sister and I learnt and would get up and do with them, and I was in love with JT and to a lesser extent, Garrett, who my sister was also in love with. Also, it wasn’t until I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions with dark hair, that I realised she was the one who played Sydney, the lead bitchy character on the show.

This morning I was thinking about it again, and all of a sudden, all these cheesy old shows came flooding back to me. I’m not quite sure why, but it was all these shows I used to watch after school, mostly on Sky 1 or TV4. California Dreams, Hang Time and this other show that I can’t remember the name of, but I think it was at a boarding school and it had this English girl in it. XD Sunset Beach was also thrown in the mix, although it doesn’t get lumped with the teenage shows. I loved it. hehe They were all pretty much in the same vain as Saved By The Bell, but I totally loved that show, so I guess that’s why. lol I wish someone would replay these. That’d be great. 😀

I GOT THEM ON MONDAY!!! Woo!! So excited! Because this is the last box set, the makers of the show wanted to give something back to the fans, so they’ve included special features on the last disc. None of the other box sets have had special features. As soon as I got inside on Monday afternoon, I put it in and watched all the special features. lol

It has:
The making of Charmed – a look behind the scenes, wardrobe, how they do the makeup etc.

A two part documentary with interviews with various behind the scenes people about the start of the show, how they came up with the concept and obstacles they had to overcome to actually get the show made. In the second part it was how they dealt with making the show after Prue died, bringing in a new sister, and coming up with fresh ideas after having running for so long.

A look at the manor where they take you on a bit of a tour and how the inside of the house is actually a set layed out as a plan house, not two storey and how one bedroom is actually used for many rooms in the house – Phoebe’s room when she still lived there, Paige’s room, the nursery and also the bedroom that used to be their parents’ when Piper went back in time.

Some fans talking about why they love the show and how it’s affected them and some of them even have some of the props from the show. Yes they’re really hardout! lol

So I shall most likely fit some Charmed watching time into my weekend. lol

Gah!! I was so tired last night, I fell asleep on the couch after Shortland Street and woke up at 9:25. :@ Is anyone able to give me a recap on what happened?

With the big comeback of facial hair, in particular, beards (thanks to everybody in the whole entire world rediscovering the importance and coolness of beards by logging onto and reading mine and Jaynee’s posts), what do you think about having a TV show dedicated to beards? How to groom and maintain, style, decorate, or for those men with folically-challenged chins, how to grow them. Regain for beards. Sounds fantastic to me. XD

Bones is my other huge love that I would die if I missed it. Bones and Booth are so cute. 😛 I can’t wait for the next season. I want it back now! Is it gonna be later this year or sometime next year? Does anyone know?

Ahh I love this show! I bought seasons 1-7 on DVD a few months ago and last night I just finished season 4. They’ve just vanquished The Source, Phoebe has just discovered Cole is in the Wasteland and they were offered the chance to relinquish their powers and lead normal lives.

It was cool to see all the Prue episodes again, but Paige is cool too.

I can’t wait for season 8 to be released. The way I’m going with watching my DVDs, I’ll be finished all 7 seasons before it’s even out!



I am totally, absolutely in love with this show. I love all the characters and the humour is great. I thought CSI was great and then this came along. NCIS is sooo much better. I would marry it if I could. 😀