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ARTS CHANNEL – Saturday 7 February, 8.30pm

Telling the extraordinary true story of HG Wells, the prophetic writer and father of modern science fiction. In this critically acclaimed and award-winning biography, HG Wells takes a bold and innovative approach to dramatising the story of the author’s life, by using HG Wells’ own words. HG Wells wrote his four best-known works, The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man and The Island of Dr Moreau in the space of just four years from the age of 29. His fame only increased with the eerily prophetic non-fiction writing which followed. Wells predicted the invention of tanks, nuclear war, biological warfare, television and the internet. Wells’ celebrity status enabled his pursuit of free love, winning him lovers like novelist Rebecca West and the enigmatic Russian Moura Budberg. It also gave him unprecedented access to world leaders like Roosevelt and Stalin.  War With The World tells the story of Wells’ transformation from self-confident womaniser, socialist radical and young literary prophet to burdened missionary, dedicated to creating a World State that will avert man’s headlong course towards imminent annihilation.

ARTS CHANNEL – Friday 6 February, 9.30pm

As the daughter of Joao Gilberto, the inventor of bossa nova, Bebel Gilberto has Brazilian music in her genes. Now she’s brought it to the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

ARTS CHANNEL – Thursday 5 February, 9.30pm

The sound of Libera has become familiar to millions worldwide following the group’s successful recordings and appearances on TV and radio; stage and film. Libera is a real “boy band” whose young members have become known for their unique musical style in concert and on their atmospheric albums, which have topped classical and mainstream charts across the world. With shimmering, mystical chords and ecstatic harmonies, they are unlike any other group you have ever heard. At times plaintive, at others climactic and transcendent. These are truly sounds to lift the soul. Celestial sounds for a new time!

ARTS CHANNEL – Wednesdays from 4 February, 8.00pm

Snapshot celebrates innovative photographers from across the creative spectrum, presenting a unique opportunity to turn the camera on the shooter. Aside from watching the photographers at work on location and in-studio, the Snapshot team attends photographic exhibitions, galleries and events to gather perspective from collectors, critics, curators and fans.

ARTS CHANNEL – Monday 2 February, 8.30pm

Australian Opera production. 1987. Featuring Joan Carden, Rosemary Gunn, Richard Greager, Neville Wilkie, The Australian Opera Chorus, The Elizabethan Sydney Orchestra.

ARTS CHANNEL – Saturday 31 January, 8.30pm

A unique and grand event that will never be presented on stage again. A celebration of acrobatics and music never seen before! The Cirque du Soleil and the Montreal International Jazz Festival join together for an unforgettable night of stellar music and Cirque du Soleil performances in front of hundreds of thousands of fans! Don’t miss the opportunity to dazzle viewers with this once-in-a-lifetime performance. Over 250 performers on stage, including special music guests Youssou N’Dour and Daniela Mercury join over to perform daring and captivating acts in this high-energy, high-quality performance. A feast for the senses!

The Arts Channel is proud to premier two New Zealand films “A Small Life” and “Edith Collier: A Light Among Shadows” in January.

Both directed by New Zealander Michael Heath and Produced by New Zealander Bhim Singh Chouhan, the films represent the best of New Zealand in terms of storytelling and celebrating our own talent.

Starring the late Mahinarangi Tocker, “A Small Life” tells the story of a mother dealing with the life and death of her terminally-ill young son.

The second “Edith Collier: A Light Among Shadows” is a documentary film exploring the very human journey of one of New Zealand’s greatest early modern painters, Edith Collier.

A SMALL LIFE (2000), screens on Wednesday 14 January, 8.30pm

“A Small Life” explores the power of healing through love and music. It tells the story of a mother dealing with the life and death of her terminally-ill young son. The film is profoundly elegiac, emotional, drawing on the luminous landscapes of the Southern Wairarapa, and contrasting them with the characters’ own inner landscapes. The film opens with a lament sung by Ana (Tocker) for her dead son on the misty shore of a lake at dawn. The film becomes the story of the boy’s final day on this earth… his last journey from the isolated house in the middle of the great field, with towering, creaking macrocarpa trees… down to the long dusty road to wait for the Postman… to wait for the letter from his father who has gone away…
Director and Screenplay by New Zealander Michael Heath. Produced by New Zealander Bhim Singh Chouhan.

EDITH COLLIER: A LIGHT AMONG SHADOWS (2007), screens on Wednesday 21 January, 8.30pm

One of New Zealand’s greatest early modern painters, Edith Collier, from Wanganui, whose extraordinarily beautiful work remains largely unknown at home, and overseas. It explores the very human journey of Collier’s way of seeing the world, and how the negative responses from her own community and critics, and the burning of many of her nude paintings by her father, left her demoralized and artistically incapacitated. It is a film about our past – our history largely untold… a story about provincial New Zealand almost 100 years ago… a powerful metaphor for the young artist of today dealing with cultural identity and rejection. Above all it is about a courageous woman determined to survive at all costs. And in the end it is her shining work that is triumphant, and inspirational – revealed on film for the first time for all the world to see, and admire.
Written and directed by New Zealander Michael Heath, Produced by Bhim Singh Chouhan.