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I love fiction TV programmes that are fun,entertaining and/or gripping as well as making some comment on society, politics and/or the state of our relationships. I feel a bit sad that fiction TV seems to be being overtaken by other genres in primetime lately on NZ TV. And I want to see more great British drama series on TV. TVNZ, you're losing the plot!!!

I have a freeview terrestrial set top box. How do I set up my DVD recorder to record freeview channels. A guy at DSE said to plug the recorder directly into the STB. But which lead/s? The RCA leads?

Why is Prime not showing a Saturday night super14 rugby match? So now there’s no rugby match on free-to-air except the highlights on Sunday afternoon (when I happen to be at work). 🙁

This is NOT right. We should have a law like in Aussie which says they have to show a certain amount of mainstream sports matches on free-to-air!!!!!

I see in the latest Listener that Battlestar Galactica begins on The Box on Saturday Feb 2 at 7.30pm. It says that it’s the ep Scattered – season 2 I think. Presumably it is one of the eps that have already shown on TV3.

Soooo… does this mean TV3 will not be showing season 3? Or is The Box only showing seasons after they’ve been on TV3?

I see that Battlestar Galactica is no longer on TV3 tonight. This week and next in the BSG late Tuesday night slot there’s a “new” US legal drama “Conviction” – a couple of years old I think.

Last week’s BSG ep was the one with Baltar as pres and the BSG people resident on the earthlike planet, then the cylon ships arrive.

So, does anyone know if TV3 plans to show season 3 of BSG any time soon?

I’ve just been watching the Closer on TV One. The opening credits near the beginning of the show are falling off the left of the screen. So “Director” looks like “rector”. “James” looks like “mes”. So is this because I’m watching it on an old analogue TV and it’s broadcast in wide screen? Whatever the reason, it seems pretty poor to me.

At least I think it’s a Chinese Pop Idol. Don’t understand the language, but I find the pop song styles and fashions interesting, What’s with the person dressed up as vita milk? Now the contestants are all doing a vitamilk ritual.

From Fiona Rae’s blog,615,

Anyway, for those of you that asked, Prime is starting Doctor Who on the 19th, starting with the Christmas Special, “The Runaway Bride”, which stars Catherine Tate and an unrecognisable Sarah Parish.

How dare they make Sarah Parish unrecognisable – kind of defeats the point of having her IMO.

Anyway I’m pleased to see Dr Who will be back soon.

I see Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps will be on Prime next Tuesday. I’m going to check it out cos Ralf Little is apparently in it.

I’ve been following the online interactive show Kate Modern, which started recently and also has Ralf Little in it. He plays Gavin the friend of Kate’s b/f, Tariq. Gavin and Tariq are a great double act.

Kate Modern is a spin-off from Lonelygirl15.

Edge of Darkness is about my all time favorite TV prog.

It was directed by Martin Campbell, originally from NZ, who’s in NZ now. He’s been getting a lot of media attention & is a name at the NZ TV/Film Awards happening tonight. Mostly the media focuses on his movies like the James Bond one. But I want to hear him talk more about EoD. Maybe it no longer interests him either??!!! I think Campbell was in some conflict with the writer of EoD.

It was a mini-series that showed in Britain when I lived there in the mid 1980s. It blew me away because it touched on political issues that I was involved in at the time (Greenham Common demonstrations, the miners’ strike, nuclear power). It’s a nuclear thriller that had an ecological slant and also incorporated some stuff on the shift away from industrialisation (mining) to Thatcher’s Britain focused on the money markets.

That don’t make those kinds of progs very much any more.

There is a new channel on my TV (8 on my TV). I can’t remember what was there before what but yesterday it had a test picture up and a notice saying “Coming Soon World TV”. Tonight there’s a Japanese war movie on.

I wonder what channel I’ve lost?